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  1. Dear Ms. Farber,
    I am your long-time fan.

    Is it possible that your book will be reissued? It costs so much now that I can’t buy it and I would like to give copies to several people.

    What are the odds of Coronavirus merely activating endogenous viruses and toxic elements introduced by vaccines? Is this an area which interests you? I am struck by the wide range of responses to the virus (ranging form nothing at all to death) and am guessing the obese-hypertensive-diabetic people also get a lot more vaccinations since they prefer medical intervention to self-discipline (i.e., losing weight, quitting drinking etc.)

    1. Dear Laura,

      Thank you for this note. I’d like to correspond with you about this. Is the email listed a good one to write to you on? I absolutely concur with what you have written here, 100%

  2. Dear Celia.
    You have been one of my heroes since the 1990s. I used to help with project H.E.A.L. (Los Angeles) and used to go to the large ACT-UP gatherings in S.F. before the pushing of AZT when the world changed –just before the world changed again.

    Many friends I watched die not fully comprehending what I was watching. Eddie was so proud he was not taking any AIDS meds as we walked around the room pulling his saline drip on a wheeled stand…Saline –that is– impregnated with Sulfamethoxazole trimethoprim. We stood up and questioned the literal tidal wave of information –all of it seemed suspect. Something was wrong. We simply couldn’t put our fingers on it. As he lay dying in a hospital bed Kaposis sarcoma so filled his mouth that he could barely speak. A button next to his bed allowed him to pump Morphine into his vein. He had lost 5 clotting factors and even a small cut meant he would bleed to death. His death of course ruled “AIDS” and my brain –and heart– said no it wasn’t. His death from morphine asphyxiation (of course) was not ruled a suicide. No, much like all deaths are now COVID-19 his death was coveted as another notch in the “aha” moments of AIDS quackery: A statistical gold star. –See? AIDS is killing millions just like WE said it would. Reward me with more money for my lab and a write-up in Science or Nature.

    Kaposis sarcoma –to my knowledge– has always been ‘proof’ of AIDS.
    From the beginning there was no other diagnosis if one presented with this. (Of course I don’t refer to the “real” KS that is benign, but to the only one associated with the very first instances of AIDS which at the time was called “The Gay Cancer” and then GRIDS and finally: AIDS)

    The CDC –to my knowledge– has never maintained that KS is ever caused by anything other than; HIV/AIDS. And in fact a diagnosis of AIDS independent of any [bogus] test was imminent if one presented with Kaposis Sarcoma. I am unaware of any retraction by the CDC in its’ dedication to the original hypothesis –that a person presenting with Kaposis Sarcoma could have the condition from any other exposure or by any other means than HIV. Nor have they ever informed us that KS could be completely resolved simply by removing the Cortico-steroids prescribed to a KS patient. No. Treatments have never been ameliorative –the one and only goal of medicines is kill the RNA of an “un-killable” virus. [Un-killable is inferred by the fact all the so called anti-virals ever do is stave off the offending RNA. Apparently RNA and Viri that is so delicate and fleeting it can’t even be found in sufficient quantities to be seen at the 1.16 sucrose gradient level in purified electron microscopy but is somehow in sufficient quantity to outnumber the patients’ own cells when using PCR. ] Not once do I ever recall hearing or reading anywhere that Kaposis Sarcoma could ever be found in any other condition other than AIDS. No, I had to read it BY ACCIDENT – on the Drug Label insert of a Prednisone (Deltasone). It is not even at the first part under warnings. It is way over toward the end in a small paragraph. Hey! I think this is pretty important! After all an entire AIDS hypothesis for a new disease was sold to the entire world based on this one Disease as one of a pair of diseases attributed ONLY to AIDS. The world changed. This is so unimportant that it is pushed way over toward the end where most people would have already stopped reading. (Do you know anyone who reads an entire Drug insert?) No. In fact, they don’t even give this kind of insert to the Patient any longer. This is only seen by the Doctors.
    And yet… This is how I became aware that KS could be resolved by simply removing this one single drug. Have you ever heard this? I don’t think anyone has. Here is a copy of the insert:

    https://i.imgur.com/4JUivDf.jpg (Label from Deltasone brand of prednisone explaining that KS may be resolved by removing the steroid)

    Additionally I know that Heinrich Kremer once had an article (I believe it was he) that showed there were originally 5 or more patients (Michael Gottlieb UCLA patients?) who had their differential diagnoses histories which indicated use of Sulfamethoxazole Trimethoprim and had come down with Pneumocystis carinii Pneumonia. I feel strongly that Bactrim (which was given prophylactively to patients in early days against PCP) was the real cause of PCP pneumonia and that the Cortico-steroids taken with the Bactrim (to counter the certain negative immune response caused by the sulfa) were the direct cause of the Kaposis Sarcoma. Kremer wrote the article: Acquired Iatrogenic Death syndrome (regarding pcp and Sulfa drugs and why one would not find a German Doctor who would in good conscience ever use a Sulfa on a Gay patient presenting with a pulmonary issue due to Nazi experimentation on Gays using Sulfa to induce PCP.) – hence PCP was almost completely unknown in German Gay AIDS patients. I don’t think Kremer knew of this information about KS and its connection to gluco-cortiocoid steroids.

    If Sulfamethoxazole trimethoprim (Septra, bactrim, Co-trimoxazole, SMX-TMP, Sulfa) are responsible for the Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia and Steroids given with the Sulfa are the cause of Kaposis sarcoma then the entire origin of HIV – and particularly the original TWO diseases of AIDS are explained without any need for a viral cause to ever be postulated. Of course after Fauci introduced the world to the failed Cancer drug which was too toxic to be used for Cancer patients –AZT– all of this changed. Because AZT’s introduction was parrallel to the rise of all these ‘new’ conditions that were now being called symptoms and diseases of AIDS.

    Let’s say there were actually a virus (HIV) that caused all of this.
    Then why is it that I have never heard anyone officially claiming that HIV itself ever did anything more than kill a subset of T-Cells.
    I think this is important. If HIV is only responsible for killing a subset of T-Cell, how exactly does this loss of T-Cell specifically contribute to onset of K.S.? Loss of this T-cell has nothing to do with the body’s defenses against cancer. Cancer cells are not foreign tissue after all since they are your own cells. This is why the immune system never targets cancer. Loss of T-Cells cannot explain this. It is preposterous. So even if there was such a virus as HIV and even if it did (only) kill T-Cells, it still cannot explain why one would present with K.S.

    Similarly; How do the loss of T-Cells account for a patients’ lungs to fill with the ubiquitous and otherwise harmless air-borne fungus Pneumocystis carinii? After all it is Macrophages (not T-Cells) which eat Pneumocystis carinii for breakfast every single day. Was the CDC claiming somehow that HIV also destroys macrophages and not only a subset of T-Cells? If so, why didn’t they ever explain this? How would Loss of T-Cells allow one to die of PCP if it is macrophages which take care of this fungus in the lungs and not T-Cells? So in other words, Neither of the 2 diseases which we were told are the two “original” disease of AIDS can be explained by the etiology of a virus called HIV which only kills T-Cells.

    Later on we are given a list of other conditions which are also purported to be caused by this simple loss of T-Cells. No one has ever questioned WHY no person (Say; an organ transplant recipient who is taking anti-rejection drugs and who ALSO has a loss of these T-Cells) has ever exhibited or presented with the following conditions. Dementia, wasting, Night Sweats, Etc.
    So just how does a simple loss of T-cells cause Night sweats?
    When someone takes a steroid like prednisone (which targets T-Cells) do they also have night sweats? No.
    How do the loss of T-Cells cause “wasting”… or Dementia? How about kidney or liver damage?
    All of those things including diarrhea can be explained by AZT however.

    So let’s say a person shows HIV positive and they have just been declared to come down with AIDS.
    Soon thereafter we expect they will have NO immune system (or at least not a subset of T-Cells)
    So why is it that 30 years later they still test as HIV Positive? Shouldn’t we expect them to have zero ability to return a positive antibody test?
    Why would a scientific “test” based on serology need to have personal questions and an “interview” accompanying it?
    If the interview and response to the questions is the real “test” which determines HIV positive or negative results then why even go through the motions of testing the blood for anything at all?

    Finally, I contend that one problem for vaccine scientists is /has been / the conundrum that any so called HIV Vaccine… would essentially render the person being vaccinated as HIV Positive. (oops!) and Thus would become a very public and tacit admission that being HIV + was –in fact– a GOOD thing since the vaccinated is purportedly now immune to HIV and protected from coming down with the dreaded AIDS. After all, how does one go about selling a Vaccine that makes a person “HIV-+” ??? They’ve been selling us the idea for 30 years that HIV+ is a negative thing not a good thing.

    Now we face the fact that 30 years of dress rehearsals has worked out all the bugs for the Virus hunters. All of those pesky bugs –like people who point out the problems with using antibody tests to infer they’ve found evidence of disease.
    COVID-19 begins a new era. One in which all the Doctors who once questioned the validity of relying on either Negative or Positive results of a serological Antibody finding to mean ANYTHING AT ALL… Why? Because nearly all of that generation of Doctors have long since retired or have Died.
    If they were 25 at the time and just out of Med school they are retired now.

    Others who protest the insanity of Antibody Tests — which can tell you very little about anything — have likely alienated all their friends by harping on it so long while the world around them have completely and utterly swallowed the nonsense.
    Everyone believes that an Antibody test which is positive can tell you there is an active infection (and of course it is always a pathogen!) coursing through the body of the patient who has a Positive Test. The common person believes unequivocally that a Positive result on a COVID-19 “TEST” tells them they HAVE an infection with COVID-19. It might not mean they are sick but it definitely means they were exposed. it seems almost insurmountable a task to find a single person who stands steadfast in insisting otherwise. And yet this it is paramount that this belief system and dogma be shattered.
    No, a positive result on a test tells us nothing of the kind.
    It does NOT tell us a disease process is present. It does not tell us someone has EVER been exposed. It is unable to tell us that the SUSPECTED PATHOGEN was ever present nor that the antibody we think we are finding even causes the suspect disease.
    It feels like a losing battle. I am old now and very tired.

    And Celia Farber is still my hero. I never thought I’d ever be able to tell you that.

    I must be a real wimp and my face is all wet. But I feel I am saluting a true hero.
    I will never tire of hearing your words and knowing you are standing up for the truth.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your years of service and sacrifice.
    I apologize for this lengthy tome. But perhaps it will be of some use to someone.
    Thorlief B.

    1. Dear Thorlief,

      Thank you for this important and detailed letter! As it is almost 3 am, I will respond more carefully tomorrow.

    2. Thorlief,

      Your letter is remarkable.I had to read it more than once. Thank you for these lines: “It feels like a losing battle. I am old now and very tired.”

      Let me take your hand in mine and reassure you, there is a place where we will all be safe. This is Satan’s world, and we did all we could.

  3. Hi Celia- I’ve seen much of your work recently starting with House of Numbers. I’ve heard a few experts state that Dr Kary Mullis emphatized that his polymerase chain reaction method was not to be used for diagnosis. Do you know if such a statement is viewable anywhere such as a study? I’ve looked but I’m not even sure how to search for that. Thank you.

  4. Hello, Celia.
    I read about your investigative journalism on AIDS. Are you still interested in this topic? Your approach to the problem has not changed? I biologist on education and on a series of issues (exactly on most, set still 30 years ago) answers until now not see (IMHO) .
    Sincerely, Anton.

    1. Hello Celia,
      I really enjoyed your article “Was the COVID-19 Test Meant to Detect a Virus?”. I learned a lot and it helped me to put everything into perspective. Keep up the good work.

  5. Celia-
    I caught your interview on Caravantomidnight.com this morning. Nice going!
    I would like to send you a copy of my new book, “Stress God and Disorder” in which I cover an interview with Peter Duesberg regarding HIV/AIDS. My position is that the question of dogma and viruses is in need of elaboration to the point of questioning the very existence of “virus” itself.
    I wrote this book as a primer to understand the nature of PTSD in which I denounce the term, “disorder”, as inappropriate based on my 50 years of psychiatry in the military service, Vietnam War era, staff psychiatrist at Veterans Administration, and return to military based as independent contractor in psychiatry during Iraq and Afghanistan War. The reason for continued interest in AIDS concerned the inmates I had seen at Rikers Island in New York and elsewhere who had “contracted” AIDS following IVDA, etc. in these settings post combat and post criminality.
    I explored the history of viruses to provide the back story and conclude the fair question to ask would be, “do viruses really exist?” I provide for you my definition of virus: a convention; or a technology driven method to create and thereby prove the finite existence of matter. I would like to send you a copy of my book if you would accept it. Please send your mailing address if interested- Best, Ron Chase

    1. Dear Ron, your book sounds amazing. Perhaps we should speak some time. I have little time to read these days. You know who told me viruses do not exist? Lynn Margulis. She stood before me and said: “There are no viruses.”

      I am unclear about these matters but I know at least that there is no clarity and that’s better than thinking wrongly that the matter is “settled.”

    1. Is there really a serious question that viruses actually exist?! Are there not pictures of them, as existing physical substances?! 🙂

  6. Wow;
    Watching you on CTM was truly amazing, especially to find out who you are.
    I admit I never heard of you and shame on that!
    We share pretty much the same ethnic heritage. My mom born in Norway, my dad born in Brooklyn New York I believe he has the same background as your dad.
    I wish I came out as pretty as you, but no way (hahahah).
    I was just about to re-record on my Yamaha E353 My last song of 15 songs ” The Girl From Tavern On Blue” when I started playing while watching you with JBW.
    Yikes …….I think “Girl” or “Lady “, whose face alluded me vaguely when I first composed the song, finally came to me in full seeing you.
    So now I am motivated more than ever to finish the song.
    JB Wells is a God sent!!!!!
    Godspeed to you
    A fellow New Yorker in exile.
    We warriors against the colossal lies of these global tyrants shall be made victorious through The Most Great Light! Woe are them that have perpetuated this Most Great Spiritual war, for in the near future they most assuredly will wish they were never born and their DNA will be expunged from existence!

    1. Dear Eric,

      Thank you for your letter, Scandinavian brother. I like your vision of the final triumph over the colossal liars! Tell me if you would if the software here has alerted you to this reply. I am fixing lots of bugs on the site. warmest wishes and welcome! Celia

  7. I loved your interview on CTM!!!! Your insights on psyops were very spot-on. I’ve ordered your book, and a few others that you recommend on this website. Your posts on here kept me occupied for hours yesterday – good stuff. Although many of the links and videos are now broken and have been removed/censored since you’ve posted them (including Rappaport’s blog – WTF???) Just goes to show there is an attack on the truth. I hope to hear you on another interview again in the near future. Take care!

  8. Dear Celia, I watched your interview with JBW on CTM. Thank you for speaking the truth and I hope to see more of you on CTM. God bless you, Dame Farber.

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  10. Dear Celia,

    I think you’ve got my Yahoo address, but here’s my Gmail one so you don’t have to go searching for the other. I could’ve done that and emailed you (or I guess sent a message on Facebook), but I wanted to write to you now, from here at the Truth Barrier site, while the urge is on me.

    I love “White Lights Small City.” I remember you telling me about your mother and about the Sweden years, but this tells me so much more, and so beautifully. I had no idea (or maybe didn’t recall) that you wrote & spoke only Swedish for 8 years. And your dad…I’d wanted to ask about him in my message yesterday but was ashamed to admit I didn’t know if he’s still around or not. Until I got to the end of your story I thought yes, since you mention him in the present tense, but when I saw the original publication date (2003, the same season of my visit) I got unsure all over again. I’ll never forget not just Thanksgiving dinner with y’all at his place but the great meal he took us out for at the Chinese restaurant. I also recollect buying his book about language learning and sending it to my friend Jerry in New York who was struggling with German–resisting it really, having parted badly with the German mother of his young son.

    “You think you’re pretty but I don’t think so” sounds pretty punky for a polka tune. That’s another thing I love about the story, the rock’n’roll kids stuff: you & big sister Bibi. The background photo reminds me of Fleetwood Mac’s Bare Trees, the cover of which I still like to gaze at even in JPEG facsimile. And who did the cool illustration?

    Thanks for the great holiday reading and for the inspiration at a time when it’s needed and just maybe (with a 3-week holiday underway) might help steer me somewhere. And I’m just getting started with The Truth Barrier. All best with it and all else in the new year.

    Much love,

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