4 thoughts on “UCLA, Stanford: Chances of “Dying From Covid,” (Which This Website Disputes As Legit Single Cause of Death) For 50-64 Year Olds 1 in 19.1 Million”

  1. If you don’t take the test, you won’t become part of the “number of cases”. CV19 is one of “six ways to Sunday” that Senator Schumer talked about. As a result, billions of innocent good people around the world have been harmed and far more people will die from the poverty, malnutrition, and suicide from this fiasco.

  2. Thanks, Celia. A catastrophically-damaging hoax. Is this about the election, like the thugs rioting in the big cities? Get prepared, I say, for worse to come. The only silver lining to civil authority breaking down in so many places is more Trump votes. But then, the Deep State has consolidated its power to steal elections without a trail of crumbs.

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