Scotland Rises Up Against Covid Tyranny: You Must Hear These Speeches


When I called my friend Kevin Corbett yesterday morning he was in Glasgow, having driven all the way from London to speak and protest at the Saving Scotland rally.

I was in a field in Northern CT, in some grass, watching my cats, and trying to tell Kevin about my recent trauma–involving a mouse my cats hunted while I slept. “Kevin it was like this…I mean at first I saw something red and I knew THAT was not good…” “Celia can you hear me?” Kevin said, “I’ve just met all these people Celia, and they all know about isolation and exosomes, like Perth Group but really simplified. It’s like man on the street Celia. They know all about everything, it’s incredible..” He stopped a woman and said:”Excuse me, I’m just on the phone with a friend in America, can you tell me what you know about the SARS Cov-2 virus?” A woman’s voice said, in a very thick Scottish accent: “Well, it’s not a virus, it hasn’t been purified, hasn’t met Koch’s Postulates..” I started laughing. “Wait Celia wait, they’re all over the place..” “Excuse me…can you just tell me what Andrew Kaufman says about the SARS Cov-2 virus?”

See for yourself his staggering answer:

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  1. Scots take to this virussy stuff like Swedes do to fermented herring – Alexander Fleming was playing around with mould when he discovered penicillin! So it’s great to see Dundonians taking a lead on this. Well done Moira and team.

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