2 thoughts on “Requiem For America: This Is What Happens When Psychological Operations Are Not Questioned In Time”

  1. PSYOP for sure. We just tried to take a day trip to Pt Reyes north of San Fransisco. We have been going there for years to hike in the beautiful woods by the sea. When we got to the turn to go into town we were met by a large BLM sign and another that said “masks required” and another with “$500.00 violation fee”. We drove into town only to look up and see smoke billowing out of the woods in the direction of where we usually hike. I guess the fire went through there a few days ago but there was not one sign warning you until just before you enter town. We turned around and headed back to the valley, a two hour drive back home. The bay area is a hot mess with trash everywhere, we will not be returning anytime soon.

  2. It could come in the name of liberalism, conservatism, communism, socialism, extremism, or even spiritualism. Pick your ism. It doesn’t matter. It’s an attempt to control all of us through authoritarianism of whatever stripe or color. It’s borne out of fear and its goal is control. Problem is, you can’t control life. If anything is in control, life itself is, and we are intertwined with it.

    “We are alive within mystery, by miracle.” –Wendell Berry

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