1 thought on “Small Business Owner Near Tears Surveying Family Business of 40 Years Utterly Destroyed By BLM & Antifa in Kenosha: Why Is This The Punishment For Police Who Shoot People Rather Than Subdue Them?”

  1. Police shootings are a pretext for rioting against the rising middle class that elected President Trump.

    As for the Kenosha shooting itself, it appears to be reasonable and justified to reasonable grown-ups.

    The officers had an arrest warrant, ordered by a judge, to take the known violent felon into custody. The suspect resisted, violently. At that point, cops had a choice; 1) use force to overcome Blake’s resistance or 2) allow Blake to remain free in the community he preys on.

    Yes, it would’ve been nice to have six, eight, or 20 cops at the scene to subdue Blake physically, but those numbers weren’t there, and it’s unlikely that the Kenosha PD fields 20 cops during an ordinary shift.

    Had the cops allowed him to flee (as cops throughout the US are doing today) and ignored Blake’s violent criminal behavior, what’s the chance that Blake would turn himself at a later date? What’s the chance that Blake will arm himself next time and use a knife or gun to escape?

    As for the shooting itself, the officers had made repeated attempts to get Blake to stop. Police have no obligation to allow violent fleeing and resisting felons to enter their cars and drive off to endanger other community members. Reasonable people do not believe that violent suspects should resist police officers, enter their cars, and drive away.

    Marxists disagree – not because the Kenosha officers were unreasonable, but because Marxists need pretexts to attack the middle classes who support President Trump.

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