Bill Gates Complains To Science-ey Logic-ey Pod At Wired How Frustrating It Is To Have a President Who “EVERY TIME” Tells Him Injections Are Not Safe And He Must Meet With RFK Jr.


Comment via Facebook by Darwin K. Hoop:

“Here’s a fawning, obsequious interview with the most dangerous and insincere person in the galaxy. In history. There are several points of interest. He refers to US tests as “Garbage”, but the interviewer doesn’t follow up on the statement. Of course, the pandemic is predicated almost entirely on these “garbage” tests, incredibly inclusive diagnostic criteria, and on bounties for COVID patients. Gates wears the absurd mask of a martyr throughout. He smears Bobby Kennedy, pretending there’s no evidence to support his arguments about vakscene-related injuries or to link him to digital ID systems. He claims the president is “anti-vakscene” (my spelling). He denounces people who have questions about GMO’s, climate change, and vakscenes as “anti-science”, likens them to child pornographers and advocates for their opinions to be criminalized . Gates now claims life can’t return to normal until the end of 2021 in “rich” countries because that’s when the vakscenes will be distributed (2022 for poorer countries). He pushes toxic Remdesivir as a preferred therapy for COVID and viciously defames Dr. Immanuel, one of the doctors who stepped forward to share their positive experiences with HCQ, referring to her as “the sperm woman”. Gates believes that social media should censor all voices that fail to parrot the official narrative, a narrative he has purchased with looted wealth. Some excerpts in no particular order:

WIRED: As someone who has built your life on science and logic, I’m curious what you think when you see so many people signing onto this anti-science view of the world.

GATES: Well, strangely, I’m involved in almost everything that anti-science is fighting. I’m involved with climate change, GMOs, and vakscenes. (change in spelling mine) The irony is that it’s digital social media that allows this kind of titillating, oversimplistic explanation of, “OK, there’s just an evil person, and that explains all of this.” And when you have [posts] encrypted, there is no way to know what it is. I personally believe government should not allow those types of lies or fraud or child pornography [to be hidden with encryption like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger].

WIRED: Are you concerned that in our rush to get a vaccine we are going to approve something that isn’t safe and effective?

GATES: …The irony is that this is a president who is a vaccine skeptic. Every meeting I have with him he is like, “Hey, I don’t know about vaccines, and you have to meet with this guy Robert Kennedy Jr. who hates vaccines and spreads crazy stuff about them.

WIRED: Wasn’t Kennedy Jr. talking about you using vaccines to implant chips into people?

GATES: Yeah, you’re right. He, Roger Stone, Laura Ingraham. They do it in this kind of way: “I’ve heard lots of people say X, Y, Z.” That’s kind of Trumpish plausible deniability. Anyway, there was a meeting where Francis Collins, Tony Fauci, and I had to [attend], and they had no data about anything. When we would say, “But wait a minute, that’s not real data,” they’d say, “Look, Trump told you you have to sit and listen, so just shut up and listen anyway.” So it’s a bit ironic that the president is now trying to have some benefit from a vaccine.

WIRED: Speaking of therapeutics, if you were in the hospital and you have the disease and you’re looking over the doctor’s shoulder, what treatment are you going to ask for?

GATES: Remdesivir. Sadly the trials in the US have been so chaotic that the actual proven effect is kind of small. Potentially the effect is much larger than that. It’s insane how confused the trials here in the US have been. The supply of that is going up in the US; it will be quite available for the next few months. Also dexamethasone—it’s actually a fairly cheap drug—that’s for late-stage disease.

WIRED: But people aren’t getting their tests back quickly enough.

GATES: Well, that’s just stupidity. The majority of all US tests are completely garbage, wasted.”

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  1. After many years in the less illuminated areas of internet, with hundreds of hours on COVID alone, I stumbled on your site today for the first time.

    Important work, keep it up please.

  2. Excellent post Celia, thank you.
    I follow RFK jr and I support Trump – wish he was a little more aggressive on the vaccine issue.
    I hope that these two can work together during Trump’s second term


    1. In a recent interview, I heard Andrew Wakefield say he believes that Trump will go after big vax if he wins a second term. Wakefield believes going after Gates and the vakscene eugenists would have precluded re-election had he made them a first-term priority. It’s also very likely one of the principal reasons why they did the COVID “experiment” (Melinda Gates’ word) now. They know the eugenics for profit era will soon be coming to an end unless they take drastic measures to extend it.

  3. I hate Bill Gates as much as you but by leading your article with a quote that he called the Covid tests garbage is misleading and discredits your journalism. Anyone who listens to the interview understands him to mean that because the testing companies accept all the tests even though they can’t insure the results even within 2 weeks in many cases the “the tests are garbage”.

      1. Ok I changed it.

        But! There is no such thing as “my journalism.” There is only my mind, my observations, my corrections, on a given day, plus my track record, about which I am proud as punch at this point. There is no good reason to say I “discredit my journalism” because of a headline. But people say that kind of thing all the time. Instead of saying you, the person, may want to think about this, they go after journalistic “integrity,” which is also an abstraction. Like the “immune system.”

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