Email From Vienna: Defining A Positive PCR Test for SARS-CoV-2 as a “confirmed case” of Covid-19 is “absurd beyond imagination.”


“It is so ridiculous.
The Austrian government defines a Covid-19 patient as a “confirmed case.”
“All persons who have been confirmed as positive for SARS-CoV-2 in a direct laboratory test, regardless of the symptoms“
A true citation.

It is absurd beyond imagination. 
Obviously someone tries to destroy the basis of life for most people on this planet.

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Some of you may know Dr. Christian Fiala, from House of Numbers and other sources. I feel a certain relief when words match experience and “absurd beyond imagination” is fitting. It is as though they all took a very powerful dissociative hallucinogen.

5 thoughts on “Email From Vienna: Defining A Positive PCR Test for SARS-CoV-2 as a “confirmed case” of Covid-19 is “absurd beyond imagination.””

  1. The use of the RT PCR in the diagnosing of disease is at best fraudulent medical experimentation.
    The test use to mention for transcribing delicate RNA it must not be contaminated with DNA.
    Our dna 3 billion base pairs long when broken up for the test have the sequence rna that the two primers the virus bogeyman test are looking for .The rna called “corona virus” was found up healthy people’s noses not the cause of pathology/disease ( *no more funding for you)before the time of the great virus hoax.

  2. Last Sunday, I was heartened to see Mark Levin’s interview of Virologist Harvey Risch, who spoke of the corruption and politics of CV19. In this final segment, he focuses on the FDA and Fauci. It’s gratifying to see more prominent people implicate Fauci for the hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths that he (and the NIH/CDC) are responsible for.

    1. Harlan, thank you for sharing your voice and insights. I was not aware of it before you and D. Goldin brought it to my attention but it was heartening indeed. I wish I knew how to handle the mountain of history. At least I am now organizing it all properly. Dozens of boxes. I kept everything.

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