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Thomas Cowan’s early mentor, Rudolph Steiner, concluded that viruses were excretions of poisoned cells. This was at the time of the Spanish Flu of 1918, which occurred simultaneously with radio waves filling the global atmosphere for the first time. Steiner concluded that the body’s electrical system was traumatized by this. Germ contagion theorists tried in vain to show how the flu spread from person to person but were unable to do so, even by injecting the bodily fluid from a sick person into a well person. How was it that the Spanish flu was showing up all over the world when there were no planes carrying people to and fro?

–George Jacobs, submitted as a comment to TTB

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  1. As to how coronavirus breaks out 70% WITHIN THE HOME — Read famous English astronomer Fred Hoyle’s amazing book, Our Place In The Cosmos
    Excerpt from a review:
    “In this controversial book, Fred Hoyle asserts that life on Earth may originally be of extraterrestrial origin. This isn’t as stupid as it sounds. The infrared spectrum of comets & galaxies are surprisingly similar to that obtained from viruses/bacteria found on Earth. Most bacteria on Earth are remarkably resistant to extremes in temperature found in outer space; they will continue to thrive after being exposed to temperatures of only a few degrees above absolute zero. Yet the Earth NEVER gets that cold, and according to the theory of evolution they shouldn’t evolve to be this impervious to extremely cold conditions. He attributes the periodic influenza epidemics to the passing of the Earth through the tails of nearby COMETS in orbit. This is quite a claim!
    [Hoyle goes further: he cites a plague which struck medieval Europe so fast that people died within less than a day from it, as verified by DNA of exhumed bodies in Transylvania and in Wales, and by church records of parish deaths. This lightning plague killed people almost within a single day, far too far apart to have been blown even by a storm let alone carried by birds or human travel]
    Excerpt from another review:
    “…the universe is stuffed with micro-organisms. The comparison of infrared flux from the galactic centre with that from dry E. coli shows a striking similarity, suggesting the existence of interstellar clouds made up of bacteria – dehydrated of course, but potentially viable when introduced to a suitable ecological niche. It is explained that bacteria can survive re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere, whereas airless bodies like the Moon swat them like bugs on a windshield. There is also evidence to show that respiratory diseases could be spread by such infalling bacteria (and viruses), whose arrival can be synchronized with the passage of COMETS”…
    And then there is the highly suspicious outbreak of swine fever and chicken plagues in remote, separated regions of china, where mystery DRONES were sighted. since those who follow it know, Amerika is engaged in full-scale hybrid WAR against China: in both these instances the death of many millions of livestock necessitated importing American meat. If history is any guide, never say never!

  2. Over the years I’ve noticed that most people do not seem to make a very basic distinction in their minds of a disease and the suspected virus or microbe theoretically responsible for it, nor that some diseases of old (or the complex thereof) change names to accommodate for the newfangled “virus” by calling both the same. This creates and effect that is so deep-rooted that, once you start questioning the imputed microbe, its very existence or the causality, they take it as if you are denying the reality of the sick and death to the point of getting offended and not even listening to the alternative, more plausible explanations like this one you are presenting. This is a powerful trick the powers that be draw on to control and manipulate the scared and ignorant public.

    1. Like FAITH and HERESY, BELIEF is a theological attribute that has nothing to do with competent research. For real investigators and scientists, the “five Ws” (when, where, why, what, and who) are critical. Once all of the Ws are answered, most high school graduates can replicate the process and results for themselves. That’s REAL science.

      My investigations (primarily in virology and biological sciences) has exposed thousands of theologians, clerics, and followers who use the authority of their lab coats and diplomas to preach what taxpayers should and should not believe (see Milgram Experiment). Rather than presenting the five Ws and replicable evidence to the intellectually-curious, these evangelists get angry, demand obedience; they attack, ridicule, and condemn non-believing heretics. But they don’t call us “heretics” because that would betray their pseudo-scientific church. Skeptics are called “denialists”, “deniers” (also denialism) as if when presented with their non-existent evidence one refuses to believe (i.e. Holocaust-deniers, flat-earthers, etc.). But even the Holocaust presents evidence that elementary school children can examine and understand.

  3. Very interesting. So with the new technology of 5G they will be able to turn illness on and off at their whim. They will line the atmosphere with satellites to achieve this.

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