CONTAGION MYTH: Does Any SINGLE Micro-organism Ever CAUSE Disease? Dr. Thomas Cowan Carries The Good Question From The Past Into The Present


In my estimate, no question is more important to human liberty, since “viruses” are the new pretexts for modern warfare, both economic, social, and environmental–presently obliterating life as we know it. (The engineered crisis, I mean, separate from the reality of novel, acute illness.)

SARS-C0V-19 is the new 9/11 and we are meant to be prepared to kill all that moves for the indefinite future to answer it. We all went through this already for years, with HIV. The brutality unleashed by the supposed need to “fight” that supposed “virus” is so mind boggling that unless you were a first hand witness, you’d never believe it. Upward of 300,000 mostly gay men are estimated to have perished from the first FDA approved treatment alone: AZT. (The original high dose, 1200-1800 mg.)

AZT was chemotherapy that was shelved in the early 60s for being too toxic for use in cancer.

I feel we have entered the Age of Enlightenment and finally we will have some answers.

I am very excited about the imminent release of Mr. Cowan’s book, co-authored by Sally Fallon, “Contagion Myth: Why Viruses (Including “Corona Virus” Are Not The Cause Of Disease”)

I listened with rapt attention to this interview, and needless to say, was a prepared mind, and you will be too.

PS. Again, Lynn Margulis once turned around in the corridor of UMass (around 2010) and said to me: “There are no viruses.”

Can you imagine?

I never dreamed we would not have many more years to discuss this. Now I’m left with that sentence.

I feel obliged to follow it up, at least a little. Starting with Lynn’s own words. In Dazzle Gradually: Reflections On The Nature of Nature, co-authored with her eldest son Dorion Sagan, she cites the two “superkingdoms,” Prokarya and Eukarya, together comprising the five kingdoms of live forms: Bacteria, Proctoctista, Animalia, Fungi and Plantae.

“In this categorization,” she wrote, “the perhaps half-million different kinds of bacteria, fungi, and protoctists that are neither animals nor plants, and such former “misfits” as slime molds, yeasts and Euglena, have finally found a niche.”

After that, the sum total of what she had to say about “viruses” was dispatched inside a pair of parenthesis, giving an indication how she classified them:

“(Because viruses are incapable of any metabolic transformation, including DNA replication outside a living cell, they are not alive and are not members of any of the five kingdoms. Unrelated to each other, they are probably runaway fragments of diverse origin.)”

I didn’t quite get it until I had read it three times.

They are not alive.

How then, do they have such supposed will, intelligence, pathogenic power?

I know I’m not supposed to wonder.

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  1. Great post, thanks .
    In challenging what we are conditioned to believe at a time when there is a strong push to evolve to go beyond living under all the systems that are in crisis as they do not work or serve us as they are missing that underlying unseen ground of being . As Dr Tom said It was missed by Darwin and unfortunately science adopted darwin’s theory of our evolution without intelligence ( the field of being) . Claiming we all got to this point, that evolution is a process of mutated randomness is a very stupid theory. The unseen power that connects everything and that underlies all of creation needs to be addressed. Then with this acknowledgement of oneness when we poison the planet , hurt animals and others we will know from real science we are hurting ourselves.

  2. Thank you Celia for another eye-opening interview. It is, however, quite depressing. Accessing pure water for instance is not easy especially if you don’t have much money. The other thing which concerned me is that I have had several broken bones (sport related) over the years and have metal pins in them. I was told I could go back 6 months later and have the one in my arm removed but I chose not to because it wasn’t really bothering me even tho it was a bit long and protruded at my elbow. I chose not to because it meant being exposed to a hospital environment and the dangers of antibiotic resistant infections, as well as having an antibiotic administered. (I tried not to have that last time but was firmly told I had to.) As fit as I am I am in constant pain and am wondering if this is because I am attracting EMFs with these metal components.
    I hope someone replies to George’s observation – would love to know that answer!

  3. Lynn Margulis says in her book Symbiotic Planet that ALL life originated from bacteria. Bacteria are the good guys. There are trillions of bacteria in our body working to keep it healthy.

    As this video explains, bacteria are in our body to break down and dispose of dead/waste/poisonous matter. It took the financial interest of big pharma to interpret that healthy activity as pathogenic.

    We are getting poisoned all to hell everyday and poisons will overwhelm the body and cause illness and death.
    From the book Silica Savvy Solutions for Healthy Living by Tui Rose:
    P. 333

    Almost half of over 3,000 high volume chemical products [ in the U.S.] have never been tested by the EPA.

    Bill Moyers an award winning documentary film maker in a PBS investigative report on toxic chemicals titled Trade Secrets, also revealed a test for measuring synthetic chemical poisons in the body known as chemical body burdens. Moyers got himself tested and was shocked to learn that his body contained 31 different types of PCB chemicals, and 13 different toxins and pesticides such as malathion and DDT.

    Each year 1500 new chemicals are introduced. Most have not been tested by the EPA for negative health impacts on people. The Institute for Children’s Health in Langley, Washington reports that virtually no chemicals have been tested to discover what impacts may occur in combination with other chemicals.

    The Washington Post reported on November 2, 2011, that the EPA has tested just 200 of the 80,000 chemicals registered in the United States!!! The total number banned? Only 5!!

    It’s a wonder our bodies hold up as well as they do.

  4. George’s poisoned-cell excretion fits Andrew Kaufman’s presentation on exosomes.

    Coincidentally, Kaufman’s electron microscopy (EM) exosome images look suspiciously like the EMs we took of the “HIV retrovirus”. If a university ever outgrows their federally-funded corruption and incompetence, most undergrads will easily demonstrate the error of these virological theologies.

  5. The Spanish Flu was mainly in the US, caused initially by the dumping of WWI chemicals onto the public domain – food etc. This caused a detoxification process or flu-like symptoms. The vaccinations and the aspirin medications caused the deaths. Around half a million people US. It was not infectious, as there is no infectious diseases, and so when they say that Spanish Flu also happened in another country, such as Ireland, then we have to understand what was happening in the Irish environment at that time, that was causing a detoxication process, meaning environmental toxicity, food or medication toxicity. There is no chance that Spanish flu was infectious. There was also epidemiological propaganda, and so we cannot take the numbers (20m-50m dead worldwide) for granted. Understand the US situation, then we will understand this issue. John Hamer has written an excellent article on his ‘falsification of history’ website.

  6. Thomas Cowan’s early mentor, Rudolph Steiner, concluded that viruses were excretions of poisoned cells. This was at the time of the Spanish Flu of 1918, which occurred simultaneously with radio waves filling the global atmosphere for the first time. Steiner concluded that the body’s electrical system was traumatized by this. Germ contagion theorists tried in vain to show how the flu spread from person to person but were unable to do so, even by injecting the bodily fluid from a sick person into a well person. How was it that the Spanish flu was showing up all over the world when there were no planes carrying people to and fro?

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