I Changed My Mind: This Is Not Buzzfeed, So We Have To Wait On The Fauci Story


I took it down. If there’s one think I hate it’s anonymous sources. I only did that once that I can remember. In 1989 I published an expose of AZT called “Sins Of Omission” and the main MD who told me patients who took AZT died and those who didn’t stayed alive, he insisted on anonymity. I allowed him to be anonymous but the powers that be smoked him out anyway, and harassed him, and he called me up hollering. It was not my fault. I kept my promise. I remember him shouting that he had kids in college, etc. I remember me saying: “Oh well, I guess they’ll have to go to public colleges then.”

My instinct for what it is worth is that this is fake. Or at least, has not happened yet.

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