German Forensic Pathologist Klaus Puschel Stuns German TV Audience: 100% of Autopsied In Hamburg Did Not Die Of “Covid-19”


“Prominent forensic medicine professor Klaus Püschel has vast experience in autopsying individuals who have died with the Chinese coronavirus in Hamburg, Germany. During an appearance German television, the professor stunned the audience by claiming that the hysteria over the coronavirus is “completely exaggerated,” as all fatalities he examined had serious previous illnesses which would have soon resulted in death with or without the virus. Püschel stated that there is no “killer virus.” 

Since the pandemic began, the head of forensic medicine at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf and his team have been autopsying the people who died in Hamburg in connection with the coronavirus. According to Püschel, all of the deceased had at least one previous illness. “[E]ven if this sounds harsh,” Püschel said, “they would all have died in the course of this year.” About 80 percent of the more than 140 people examined suffered from cardiovascular diseases. The average age of the dead is 80 years. 

Püschel slammed German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s irresponsible and alarmist propaganda towards the coronavirus:

“I think it’s really completely inappropriate when a president tells his people that we are at war, or when the German chancellor compares the situation with the last world war.” 

“No killer virus”

Healthy people should not be afraid of infection: “The fear that this is a killer virus and that many will die from it is completely exaggerated,” said Püschel. “We have to make it clear that we don’t want to be in a glass case. We can’t protect ourselves from everything. And this virus is a comparatively low risk.” The virus is also by no means a death sentence for the elderly and sick. “Most will survive the disease there,” said Püschel.

“This virus affects our lives in a completely exaggerated way. This is out of proportion to the risk posed by the virus,” says the renowned medical examiner. “I am convinced that corona mortality will not even make itself felt as a peak in annual mortality.” There is no reason for fear of death in connection with the spread of the disease in the Hamburg region.”

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5 thoughts on “German Forensic Pathologist Klaus Puschel Stuns German TV Audience: 100% of Autopsied In Hamburg Did Not Die Of “Covid-19””

  1. There’s absolutely no credible argument against the fact that WHATEVER this Covid-19 monstrosity is, it is certainly and demonstrably NOT a simple “flu”.

    Various “experts” with various agendas are cherry-picking one or the other narrowly-focused observation, or narrowly-focused implication, to draw attention and a so-called victory/vindication to their agenda’s goal of influencing or forcing the deployment of one or the other narrowly-focused public health policies…

    … but all that myopic, chest-thumping medical primitivism is extremely dangerous, irresponsible, and is a pathology unto itself.

    Whatever this thing is, it is assaulting, mutilating, destroying and decomposing neurological, physiological, cardiological, hematological and skeletal structures and functions, in ways NOTHING else ever has.

    It is even decomposing brain function so severely that it renders the development of cognition in children permanently deformed and stunted.

    The attention-seeking proponents of various agendas each want their audiences (us) to become followers of their pet agenda, at the expense of our capabilities to necessarily and justifiably slay their demon buddy, whose name is Myopia. [note: the word demon is used only metaphorically here and elsewhere, not as a reference to a real living creature.]

    What this Covid thing is, is something we are obligated to respond to WITHOUT ANY NARROW-FOCUSED BIAS, and that requires us to slay the demon Myopia, which is the mentality preventing our success in subduing and eradicating the Covid’s criminal mayhem.

    Covid-19 is much much MUCH more complicated than any of the myopic agenda proponents and agenda disciples are allowing themselves and their audiences to discern, discover, and assimilate.

    The public policy equation (the protocol) for accomplishing the factually correct solution has not yet been articulated by anyone. ANYONE!

    The reason for that is named Myopia.

    Sad. But true.

    Below, you will be presented with a link to just one of the hundreds of examples of what this thing could do to any of us, no matter our health status, our nationality, our gender, our race, our age, or our political biases.

    The macabre Covid-19 monstrosity IS NOT a simple “flu”.

    When one slays one’s own Myopia, then one becomes free to discern, discover and assimilate the fact that there’s absolutely no credible argument against this truth … this truth hidden in plain sight, in between and all around the various contending rival agendas and their wastelands of dangerous, irresponsible, pathologically myopic policy protocols.

  2. Thank you for sharing that, Celia.

    I am really quite gluttonous in my consumption of the information being disseminated from all sides of the contentious, conflicted and complex Covid-19 mystery.

    I haven’t so-gluttonously stuffed my brain with scientific and medical literature, since I was engaged in devoting many years (decades) to the unraveling of the HIV/AIDS mystery, which for me started in 1981, when I was living in Denver, and when I happened to find there a H.E.A.L. flyer made by Christine, while I was browsing around in a goofy eccentric health nut’s downtown Denver alternative used book store.

    Looking back now, on all the richly mellow, richly thoughtful, richly kind-spirited, and richly congenial conversations which I was graced to have with Christine during those early times of the HIV/AIDS controversies, I wish that the community of today’s Covid-19 skeptics and contrarians possessed A FRACTION of the level-headed, gracious, non-confrontational, non-partisan magnanimity which so-warmly and so-benevolently filled the mental and emotional airspace within and around Christine and the entire H.E.A.L. consort of comrades in compassion.

    Again, thank you, Celia.

    I send you my hopes for your serenity, and my hopes for your complete protective release from the painful mental and emotional batterings into which this quest for truth has devolved all around us.

    1. I just look at the previous 2 covid outbreaks this century and compare. thisnis follpwing the same course, no worse. scamdemic

    2. What’s supposed to be the agenda of people trying to dismantle this terrorist assault on the psyche of the entire global population? And what is your agenda? It looks a lot like the official narrative. Specially when you cite a nytimes article, one of the most disgusting Propaganda papers on the planet. What if there’s no virus and all you are talking about something is producing on some people has another cause and origin? Have you ever read about the infinite number of scams on public health from the past?

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