3 thoughts on “Andy Ngo Dispatches: Rioters Beat Man Into Unconsciousness in Portland, His Fate Is Unknown”

  1. I’d say that we can find substantial consolation in the fact that that lefty criminal bullshit isn’t happening nationwide and totally rampantly throughout ALL counties, cities and neighborhoods.

    It’s scale of occurrence is rather limited, fortunately.

    But, be that as it may, the lefty establishment Dems and Progs are making absolute asses out themselves, in public, and in GLARING disingenuousness, by calling that criminal barbarity “peaceful protest”. WTF?!!!!

    Do they really think that we independents are stupid enough to endorse and condone such barbarism?

    LIVES matter, baby! Yeah, ALL LIVES, muthafaka!

    I despise Trump, but the lefty establishment Dems and Progs who are dismissing and condoning the lefty street criminals’ barbarity, by calling it “peaceful protest”, deserve to lose the November election!!!!!!! Period.

    There is NO DOUBT that if righty Repubs and MAGA fanatics were criminally rampaging like we see in Portland, Wisconsin, Seattle, etc., then the lefty establishment would be calling THAT a Hitlerian neo-stormtrooper threat to democracy, to civil society, to law and order, to economic stability, to LGBTQ safety, and, of course, to the lives of all people of color.

    No, those are not “peaceful protests”.

    Rioters have, by definition, waived their rights, in a civilization which constitutionally gives no quarter to WHOMEVER dares to assault the innocent in the name of retribution against the guilty.

    Period. No matter what color one’s skin is.

  2. It took 4Chan less than an hour to identify the “BLM security” member who brutally kicked the man into unconsciousness. His FB profile says he works as an “armed guard” and ramp agent at Portland International Airport.

  3. These “people” have lost their connection with humanity. They think they will escape justice, but they have sealed their fate and the day will come when they will be JUDGED by God. Nobody will escape judgement day.

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