Lynn Margulis, My Favorite Clip


Listen between 11:22 and 15:05. I find that passage, ending in “That’s what we’re saying,” to be breathtaking. I could listen to it 100 times.

Lynn once said to me: “There are no viruses.”

On that subject, at that moment, that was all she said.


3 thoughts on “Lynn Margulis, My Favorite Clip”

  1. Thank you for posting this once again, Celia. The world sorely misses and needs her brilliant mind today, as institutional science has been fully captured by $$$$$.

  2. If you want to know what she meant then ” Question everything”
    And see if there are ” viruses”. I use to be a believer, but then I looked for proof and all I found was no evidence .
    I looked for the ” Sars CoV2″ and all I found was a virtual virus! A string of rna that was totally generated by computer software from a blend of mixed up human and cow fetus dna .
    I could not find one piece of scientific evidence of the viruses existence .
    I could not find any proof of a Sars CoV2 ” virus” isolated, cultured, grown and tested to see if it infects and causes a new “disease”.
    Because there is none.

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