3 thoughts on “Alex Jones Is Funny”

  1. Did anyone on this Twitter post go to his site and watch the whole clip of what happened? He was standing up for freedom. A Hispanic family was let in the park after his pointing out of the violation of rights. I dare anyone on the left to watch his show for two weeks. He stands for America and our rights. We are losing rights daily and people don’t even see it. He is the Paul Revere and he paved the way for the journalists in this country to speak freedom. They have tried to frame him, to scare him with death threats, to ridicule him etc. but he still gives his all every day to protect our way of life. We need to support Alex Jones and Celia!

  2. Yeah – I think he’s funny, in a way…

    Alex Jones has been called a “shill” by so many people for so long. Whether that is true or not seems immaterial, since Alex has stepped up his game in the face of censorship and uncloaked tyranny, and whether or not he was “acting” before, seems no longer to be “acting.”

    Call me crazy, but Alex has been an inspiration to me during this lock-down, since his emotional outbursts are congruent, and most of society’s lack of emotion I find mentally incongruent. They no longer experience or feel outrage at some of the most outrageous seizures of petty tyrannical power ever witnessed on this planet.

    Where Alex Jones acts and exaggerates, he is entertaining and funny. Where no one else acts at all, we would if we cared to adopt the proper mood congruent to concern for the survival of liberty, find Alex Jones’ outbursts remarkably unfunny.

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