2 thoughts on “Courageous Senior Woman Stands Alone Against Antifa Mob To Protect Portland Police Precinct, As Heartbreaking Abuse Ensues”

  1. The Czech writer Milan Kundera used the term ‘circle dancing’ to refer to the pleasure a certain kind of people get from a combination of solidarity with the in-group and righteous (they think!) hostility toward those outside that group.

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    (Hi Celia! Haven’t ‘talked’ with you in a while)

  2. Heartbreaking, yes. Shameful, yes.

    Behaviors exclusive to one or the other political faction? No.

    Fanatics and extremists populate ALL political factions.

    In ALL factions there are individuals, and mobs of individuals, who would (and do) subject people such as a “senior woman”, a “little old lady”, the disabled, children, senior men, LGBTQ pedestrians, Jews, Muslims, Christians, any random black person, any random white person, any random Asian person, to violent abuse.

    We are the species which does such things.

    There is no other species which does such things, except pathological organisms: Viruses, bacteria, parasitic worms, ticks, etc.

    Our species tends to organize itself into factions, and also tends to want to deny its worst innate/inherent characteristics.

    Our species exercises that denial by imagining that those worst characteristics manifest only in the OTHER factions.

    What a pitiably pathetic creature of proud hypocrisy and self-idolizing incoherence, we are.

    It’s a wonder we’ve lasted as long as we have. Nature has no place for, and no tolerance of a species like ours.

    At every turn, we utterly despise and defy the existential necessity to humble ourselves, and to eliminate our pathological compulsion to destroy Nature’s mandates of cooperative integration and restraint of our uniquely abusive capabilities.

    Heartbreaking. Yes.

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