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  1. As the symptoms (pneumonia and cell death stress induced hypoxia) are same as flu is there really a new disease. And have they proved it is from Sars coV2? Bacterial or fungal pneumonia is not caused by sars CoV.
    Initially in China they saw some sick people with three distinctive different set of symptoms.We have always had sick and dying elderly people and it was not turned into a plundemic before.
    Belief( without proof) in covid is the symptom, insanity is the cause.


    1. Belief-without proof-in covid is the religion. Ignorance is the cause.
      True citizen journalism is the cure.

    1. “We woke up in some satanic elitist nightmare, and they are literally getting away with murder.”

      I heard that it’s all because God created the entire variety of viruses, and he lets them get away with their sneaky evil strangeness because he needs them for punishing stubborn Pharaohs and other brats.

      Is that true?

      1. ā€œWe woke up in some satanic elitist nightmare…ā€
        The only way a god exists is when created in the minds of men to control and manipulate others.
        The only way a Satan exists is when created by the acts of man.
        Usually for the same purpose.

        1. Haha like man can create God .
          Brother strawberry I’ll take it you’re very high.

          Ego-mind bound man created Satan in fear in their egoic-image to blame and then look… hes now out of work its humans (mostly insane and 94 % ignorant ) causing other humans, animals and the planet suffering and killing .
          Ironically only a conditioned mind( ego) can be manipulated .

          The law of Karma means no ones getting away with anything.
          What does the CIA’s alt right blog Zero Hedges say to put fear into people ? ” on a big enough time line …bla bla bla the chances of survival are zero ” etc etc

        2. The media narrative is the banksters (and their minion elitists) but there are a growing number of actual truth speakers regarding “viruses”(Covid is a “virtual virus” it was computer generated and is used like the cia’s Sadam Hussein a bogeyman for psyop covid).
          For every one complete” human” cell you have ten microbes you have cells dying and breaking up constantly , the origin & functions of these rna strings unknown they are called in ignorance ” viruses”. This political pseudo science we have isn’t in the business of truth or facts or saying ” we don’t know”. https://www.5gexposed.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Paper-Virus-Lanka-002.pdf
          I also recommend https://www.torstenengelbrecht.com/en/virus-mania/.

  2. While I completely agree with the point this ā€œcitizen journalistā€ is making, having served as security in a hospital I can assure that someone behaving in this manner and taking video of the hospital interior without authorization is in violation and he would be removed. There are better and more appropriate ways to make this point. The actions of the ā€œcitizen journalistā€ in this video warrant response and reflect poorly on true citizen journalists.

      1. Blame the dunce not the dope.
        To call this journalism is an insult to the outstanding exceptionalism of the ground-breaking, life saving, true journalism exhibited by Celia Farber reporting dissent to the unproven but widely accepted as gospel truth theory of hiv. These sort of antics make those who are trying to present science, extensively researched fact and verifiable, meaningful data that refutes generally accepted consensus easy for the brainwashed masses to dismiss as lunatic fringe conspiracy theorists.
        We can do better.
        And I am very high right now.
        Admittedly very good dope though.
        Probably why the first reply I wrote detailing experiences provoking sharp intake of breath and eye opening enlightenment to those who wear masks to protect others -but apparently only to protect strangers because they walk the trails in groups of two to six with masks around their chin until approaching someone they donā€™t know- when they recognize their hypocrisy disappeared when I tried to post it.
        And I was VERY happy with that piece.
        The Yin and Yang of good dope.
        Again, blame the dunce, not the dope.

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