Let me Just Say One Thing About Epstein


The operation that was at the core of Jeffrey Epstein’s depravity, to my mind, as far as I can decipher, involved not only sexual blackmail and child trafficking, but must have involved arms, money laundering, and narcotics, hence all the airplanes, boats, submarines etc.

Somehow, all we are talking about are the symptoms of the pathology, not the operation. When we see the operation itself, I am guessing we will be able to SEE our history going back to (at least) Iran Contra, in a very different light. The story is not Dem/Rep, and has little to do with any one political figure, though people are looking to the story to demolish or resurrect their most loved or most hated political figure.

That said, the fact that #BillClintonIsAPedo is STILL trending on Twitter means all bets are off for old taboos. The gauntlet is thrown.

I am taking prayer more seriously than I ever did.

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  1. These are great points.

    This changes everything we thought we knew about politics and much of history.

    It exposes the actual function of many of our accepted institutions – not the least of which would be government itself.

  2. Which god are you praying to? The one who didn’t know the horror was occurring, the one who did nothing and let it happen or the god who caused it to happen as part of his perfect plan?
    As usual, words from John Powell are profound.

      1. Celia
        In my absence from your website and your favor, experience has allowed insight into apparent interstate/international cocaine and child sex slavery ring involving career criminals linked by a raped and murdered infant to a fast rising, very popular politician. Interestingly, that politician is also linked to a certain celebrity chef you once suggested was suicided.
        We should talk.

    1. Brother Strawberry, it is with an abundance of elation I exclaim and celebrate the fact that your comment proves I certainly don’t have any monopoly on profundity in this quite uncommonly contemplative place. 🙂

      “Which god…?” Yes indeed, for as we know, the god differs from one person’s imagination to the next. Billions of them, there are.

      Regarding the intended point of your comment’s profound inquiry, I would like to suggest that we should not fail to mention the option which posits that the god being prayed to whilst he/it presides over a planet where many millions of children and infants are being raped at this very moment, is a god who enjoys watching pedophiles rape children and infants.

      That actually makes perfect sense, when one considers the theologically-accurate facts of the judeo-christians’ mythological dogma, which asserts that at this very moment their god ACTUALLY IS watching those many millions of pedophiles rape those many millions of children.

      He/it is watching. He/it won’t NOT watch, because, according to the mythology’s theological dogma, he/it has decided to see and know everything. In other words, he/it has decided to be omniscient and omnipresent.

      Not only does he/it see all, and observe all. He/it actually is present at the exact scene of each and every pedophile’s rape of children, and he/it is present at all of those scenes (millions of them) at the exact same time they are all occurring.

      Omnipresence is that dogma’s name. Bystander to endless millions of pedophile rapes of children, every day and every night, is that god’s game.

      This isn’t sarcasm or crude insult. This is the theologically-accurate fact landscape of the judeo-christians’ mythology (or, as they would call it, the judeo-christians’ “faith”).

      Such a god as theirs does have choices, and DOES have freedom of choice.

      What sort of psychological condition, in a man, or in a god, would CHOOSE to go to the scenes of many millions of pedophiles’ rapes of many millions of children, and would CHOOSE to stand beside pedophiles in the same room, to watch those many millions of pedophiles rape, day-in and day-out, week after week, year after year, century after century, millennia after millennia?

      He/it CHOOSES that. So says the dogma, the theological and scriptural narrative.

      Why does the dogma characterize him/it as a being who chooses to stand by WATCHING many millions of pedophiles raping millions of children every day?

      It very well could be that no one in the judeo-christian population REALLY knows him/it.

      Could be he/it enjoys watching.

      Could be he/it has been theologically/scripturally characterized in a way which mirrors the psychology of the primitive men who created him/it.

      He/it watches pedophiles raping children, because the primitive men who created him/it as a literary creature intended to make his/its character mirror and match their own character.

      Those men who created that god enjoyed watching and being present at the scene of the rapes of children, and so they created a deity and a dogma which rationalized and justified standing by and watching children being raped.

      Right now, some of the most primitive men on this planet live that way. They are the tribal inhabitants of Afghanistan. They very openly conduct very ancient ceremonies in which children are brought into rooms of men, to dance for the men, before those men take turns raping the children.

      Those ceremonies are regular events, in those ancient tribal cults of “sacred” pedophilia, which are STILL being practiced today in Afghanistan, and which were widespread throughout THE WHOLE ancient middle east (including within the tribes of the Hebrews, the Arabians, and the Persians), and throughout east Asia, and throughout the Greco-Roman empires.

      Men creates gods which mirror Men.

      That’s an immensely complicated subject, but it’s a voluminously verified truth of human history, human psychology, and human theological development.

      So, getting back to the question: “Which god…?” Might we be getting closer to the answer if we posit that it’s the one who chooses and therefore evidently enjoys spending every omnipresent day and every omnipresent night going to pedophilia scenes, standing by and watching millions of pedophiles raping millions of children?

      Yes, it’s that one.

      Unbeknownst to most believers, that one was created and scripturally characterized by primitive males who were exactly as immoral, as degenerate, as sociopathic, as disgusting, as sexually depraved, as psychologically defective, and as dangerous it is.

      But, alas, ignorance is bliss.

      And in the minds and hearts of the masses, that bliss trumps doing the hard work necessary for those unknowing masses to discover what their unbeknownst deficiencies of truth are.

      So it is. So it has always been. So it always will be.

        1. Well, Brother Strawberry, I must admit that the image of addressing the matter by resolving to “kill all gods” is much too excessive for me.

          The need is for educating the uneducated. There is no need for subtle implied incitements, nor for aggressive oratorical or literary imagery which invokes killing.

          Violent imagery, such as the imagery of killing, when utilized in one’s personal and private life, or in one’s engagement with public concerns and public venues, tends to make people feel threatened.

          What’s needed is education, and education’s advancement of the awareness of the difference between fiction and reality.

          What is not needed is inducing terrors and fears in one’s readers or listeners, by expressing intent to kill.

          Of course I understand what you meant. I’m sure you understand this response just as well.

          Wishing you a great day of good discoveries, joys, and betterments! Anchors away!

          1. With hope Brother Powell will pardon my excessive expression of exhaustion with phantoms.
            i have been working on The Reluctant Messiah again.
            He is a bitter, cynical bastard.
            Perhaps i am allowing my character too much influence on my character.
            In more ways than two.

            1. Brother Strawberry, the pardon is eagerly granted, because I really do see the wisdom and virtue of your “exhaustion with phantoms”.

              I hope that that inner duo of wisdom and virtue will be continuously and increasingly empowered to express its uniquely vital insights, as you further proceed to compose your enlightening, instructive, evocative and transformative study of the reluctant sage.

  3. “No way Epstein could have concealed arms, narcotics and money laundering crimes, and yet get outted and busted for sex trafficking.”

    I don’t see any reason to believe that that’s the case at all.

    1. Well, Stephen, you don’t have to see. You don’t have to know. You may never see and know. You may never experience and learn what those who do see and know have experienced and learned.

      So what.

  4. “No way Epstein could have concealed arms, narcotics and money laundering crimes, and yet get outted and busted for sex trafficking.”

  5. “Jeffrey [Epstein] is a great guy. Really fun. We’ve been great friends a long time. He loves women like I do. He likes them on the younger side.” – Donald Trump (quoted by my memory, so there’s probably a few very insignificant words misplaced in the mix).

    “He loves women like I do. He likes them on the younger side.”

    The younger side of what? The younger side of what age? 16? 15? 13?

    What does Trump know? What does Trump know about Epstein’s sexual activities with victims on “the younger side”?

    Maxwell will be able to answer that, if she too doesn’t get suicided by the Hung Herself magic trick.

    Let’s not forget it was Donald Trump who salivated in a state of visually obvious pathological stimulation, captured on video, while he was describing his admission of the fact that he bought the youth-aged beauty pageant because it gave him the power and opportunity to perversely enter the young girls’ dressing rooms, without their consent, when they were not wearing clothes.

    And let’s not forget the video of Trump making lustful (i.e., perverse) statements of his desire for a 10-year-old child, as she was in transit up the escalator, at his Trump Tower property.

    The evidence speaks loud and clear, to those who haven’t chosen to become deaf and numb for the sake of a fantasy belief in being rescued by a rich blonde playboy beast.


    1. Once again feel need to offer my ultimate respect and admiration to Mr Powell for so eloquently and forcefully speaking Truth through the barrier. There is no way that anyone who claims to pray to a god who is the supposed father of the Christ could justify support of the tRUMP. That would be blasphemy most obscene. Suffer the little children.

  6. Arms, money laundering, and narcotics? No way. Sex trafficking is an extremely tight-knit, tight-lipped enterprise in which participants do not bring the topic into the outside social realm, thereby effectively eliminating the possibility of law enforcement being tipped-off.

    That level of silence doesn’t exist in the illicit arms trade, nor in money-laundering, nor in narcotics.

    Epstein CERTAINLY WOULD have been under law enforcement’s scrutiny for years, and certainly would have been indicted, if he were in the business of illegally smuggling/selling arms or narcotics, and/or engaged in money laundering. The manner in which those crimes are organized and executed is an open door for investigators seeking loose lips, and tracking leads.

    The same can’t be said about the manner in which sex trafficking is organized and executed.

    No way Epstein could have concealed arms, narcotics and money laundering crimes, and yet get outted and busted for sex trafficking.

    No way he’d be indicted for sex trafficking, and yet not be indicted, at the same time, for arms sales and money laundering.

    If law enforcement had him nailed for sex trafficking, and if he’d also been doing arms and narcotics sales, and money laundering, the indictments would CERTAINLY have reflected as much, because it’s MUCH easier to track and see inside arms, narcotics and money laundering operations than it is to track and see inside a sex trafficking swamp.

    That’s especially true for a sex trafficking swamp with only a one-man lordship, such as Epstein’s.

    In the swamps of smuggling/selling arms or narcotics, and/or money laundering, there’s no such thing as a one-man lordship. They are networks of middlemen and lordships, within which there are abundant numbers of informers for law enforcement to harvest.

    No so, in the gutters of small-shop sex trafficking.

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