8 thoughts on “There Is Still Beauty In The World”

  1. Bless you, Celia, for posting this. There is indeed much more beauty in this world than ugliness. We have cats in our family and adore them. Friday evening a tiny stray kitten showed up. Skin and bones. We brought him in and fed him (he ate well), something we don’t usually do with strays. He was so fragile and vulnerable. Saturday morning he seemed to be OK. He ate and drank a little and purred like crazy when my daughter held him, but by evening he seemed weaker. At 2:30 A.M. he left us. I told my daughter he gave us 36 hours of joy and we filled the last day and a half of his life with love and tenderness. I buried his tiny body under the Japanese maples in the garden. This video of the young lady calling in the cows with music was the perfect antidote to the lingering sadness of losing our little friend.

    1. Oh Gary, I share your mourning for your little friend. I still grieve a kitten I tried to save about 4 years ago, who was just days old. Her sister made it but she did not. I kept her on my chest for days and tried to get her stronger, she never left my body. I hoped she would suckle on the small goat’s milk probiotics bottle as her sister did. But she didn’t. Finally, I rushed her to a veterinary hospital and they put her on a hot water balloon and various things, Iv hydration..I raced back home to get her sister, to give her emotional support. When I returned, they came out and said she had passed away as soon as I left pretty much. It brings me to tears even now. I felt like she died because I handed her over, but that’s probably not “true” and it certainly isn’t peaceful or helpful. I sobbed for days and to make matters worse, the cat rescue man who brought her to me, (he’d lied and said the kittens were two weeks old) he called and when I told him she’d died and I’d taken her to the vet he began shouting that this was what killed her and why did I do that? So I cried more. What a mess. I guess I am not cut out for this work but I wish I were. I love cats so so much.

  2. Beautiful, Celia! I’m captivated by the young girl’s smile of delight and her wonderful audience of Holsteins! What were you saying about committing to joy? There it is and it’s contagious. Let’s start a pandemic of joy!

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