Lockdown Fascism Clarifies Cold, Counter-Human Impulses Of The So-Called Left: One Man’s Farewell


Note: This was written by Darwin K. Hoop (non du plume) on Facebook. Stupefaction and exhaustion have made it hard for me to put into words what I feel and observe about the last round of social and economic pogroms-in-the-name-of-a-non-purified-fragment-of-genetic code, cheered on by what Darwin calls the “NPR addled” ruling class aspirants. Please welcome this remarkable mind to The Truth Barrier.


“It’s tempting to call the censorious elements “the left” but they sure look and act a lot like fascists. They are funded by a globalist, crony capitalist, plutocracy that is fueled by hyper-predatory, monopolist, imperialist capitalism. This so-called “left” appears to be a well-funded program to divide the underclass.

Traditional leftism focused on labor rights, class unity, egalitarianism, and fairness for all. That’s not what our NPR-addled, sanctimonious, elitist, mask and lockdown fascists are about at all. They are mostly defined by their acts of competitive obedience, demonstrations of superior fealty, and willingness to outwork their competition to curry favor with the ruling class that controls the official narrative. They kneel not because they care about African Americans or racism, but to be seen kneeling by those who have the power to give the orders. They will tolerate the privilege groups formed by the global elite on the orders of the ruling class but they seem to be largely incapable of real empathy for anything or any one else. In this sense too they are unlike both traditional leftists and traditional conservatives. 

That’s an important clue. Modern PC “liberals” are the army of a ferocious third force that’s an enemy of both left and right libertarianism, adversaries to traditional socialism and to traditional conservatism alike. Gates, Soros, and their colleagues in the “Royal Rockechild Cabal” are global feudalists with no love whatsoever for either traditional liberalism or conservatism. They care only about ruling the world and about the radical depopulation of the underclass (left and right) so they can have even more and eliminate the security concerns. Their PC dogmatists are the cult of soul-less, careerist “house slaves” to this global elite and they look just as much like fascist cyborgs from the perspective of the true left as they do to true conservatives.”

Darwin K. Hoop, July 24, 2020

2 thoughts on “Lockdown Fascism Clarifies Cold, Counter-Human Impulses Of The So-Called Left: One Man’s Farewell”

  1. Wow, there is truth here, but there’s also a plethora of name calling, vilification and hatred. Darwin, you are very angry and understandably so. I imagine you are angry, as I am, with the so called elite and their attitude that, being European, American, Japanese and other “more civilized people”, makes them smarter than the rest of the world, especially those post savages such as Native Americans, Blacks, Latinex, Shamanic Cultures and just plain old “common folk”. These assumptive “elites” include, in recent history, the Kissingers, the Rockefellers, members of the Trilateral Commission and most recently Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and many large corporate CEO’s. They believe that they can and need to control life and it is their duty to do so. Of course there is big money involved as well, but their primary purpose is not to rule the world and have it all. In their minds, they are out to save the world. It is their belief that with enough power, propaganda, weapons, drugs, and money, they can control life; and if they can just control or get rid of the “bad”, all will be “good”.

    At the same time, we have to admit that we play a similar game. We cast them as the “bad”, and if we could only control or eliminate those bastards, then all will be “good”; that if we were in control, things would be a lot better.

    I’m with Charles Eisenstein on this one. I believe it is the us against them warfare mentality that humanity is caught in that’s the real culprit. Everyone is desperate to be “right”. We have been trained through our entire system of child rearing and education to always get the right answer, and if we don’t, we are in danger of getting an “F” for failure. Getting a “C” (for common folk) is probably worse!

    In order to be effective, we must as the whole of humanity, go beyond warfare mentality in order to evolve psychologically, culturally and spiritually. It’s not that there is anything “wrong” with fighting for what you believe in, shouting down the “wrong” people and holding high the banner of “right”. It’s just that it’s same old same old; it’s shopworn, inherently debilitating and not much fun for most of us. Hatred, judgement and condemnation, whether to the self or to the other, is not healthy– it’s corrosive. It’s also leading us to a kind of armageddon, whether that’s cultural, physical, environmental, or just plain zombie hell on earth.

    Maybe we need a little more trust in life, rather than in our ability, born out of fear, to control life. Maybe that’s what this pandemic, plandemic, world panic, or whatever it may be, is trying to tell us. I do see in all this blowing smoke, that we could be on a path of possibility, as our discerning minds move beyond the cage of Newtonian thinking and begin to fathom the expansive possibilities within quantum understanding. I know this is saying a mouthful, but we are called to be warriors of the spirit.

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