Karl Marx Supported SLAVERY: “Economic Category Of Paramount Importance”



Letter from Marx to Pavel Vasilyevich Annenkov, 1846: “As for slavery, there is no need for me to speak of its bad aspects. The only thing requiring explanation is the good side of slavery. I do not mean indirect slavery, the slavery of proletariat; I mean direct slavery, the slavery of the Blacks in Surinam, in Brazil, in the southern regions of North America.

Direct slavery is as much the pivot upon which our present-day industrialism turns as are machinery, credit, etc. Without slavery there would be no cotton, without cotton there would be no modern industry. It is slavery which has given value to the colonies, it is the colonies which have created world trade, and world trade is the necessary condition for large-scale machine industry. Consequently, prior to the slave trade, the colonies sent very few products to the Old World, and did not noticeably change the face of the world. Slavery is therefore an economic category of paramount importance. Without slavery, North America, the most progressive nation, would he transformed into a patriarchal country. Only wipe North America off the map and you will get anarchy, the complete decay of trade and modern civilisation. But to do away with slavery would be to wipe America off the map. Being an economic category, slavery has existed in all nations since the beginning of the world. All that modern nations have achieved is to disguise slavery at home and import it openly into the New World”

From: Marxwords.blogspot.com

Earlier this week, a video surfaced, surprising nobody, in which Black Lives Matter founder Patrisse Cullors said BLM were “trained Marxists.”


To be fair, I expect they are not aware of Marx’s defense of slavery, nor his countless eruptions of racist invective. I will be publishing a sampling of Marx’s most shocking bigoted and racist quotes here, lest anybody think he was just having a bad day here.

In fact, the entire foundation of “Marxism,” starting with Marx himself, is not only genocidal and antisemitic, but openly racist, against blacks, Mexicans, and many other non-caucasian people.

I hope everybody types up Marx, Engels, Lenin and other Communist idol quotes of their own and posts them on social media until this becomes common knowledge.

The argument has also been put forth that Marx was an occultist, and practicing Satanist, very common among despots.

Marx’s attraction to Satanism is chronicled in Richard Wurmbrand’s book Marx and Satan. Wurmbrand was a Reverend, imprisoned by the communist regime in Romania for 14 years, and subject to torture. By the way, the comments section is broken, but will be fixed tomorrow, so please come back to this post and comment if you have something you’d like to say.

I would like help bringing this to the attention to BLM. Why should black justice be tethered to a racist who defended slavery?

We’ll get to Margaret Sanger next.

*Special thanks to my dear friend Tom DiFerdinando for bringing this incredible website, Marxwords.blogspot.com to my attention, years ago, and helping me find it again, today.

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