Kente Fabric Virtue Signal Backlash: “Africans Are Not Children”


2 thoughts on “Kente Fabric Virtue Signal Backlash: “Africans Are Not Children””

  1. Well said, LT, but, only half so. What happened to the other half?

    Does not sanctimonious condescension infect the “narrative and dogma” of both liberal AND conservative cells, both liberal AND conservative organisms of “competitively obedient careerists” who ALL genuflect to their shared masters: “the rich who control the purse strings”?

    Why do the propagandizing ideologues, on this-or-that side of the political divide, always so foolishly and preposterously insist that it’s the other side who possesses an exclusive on being plagued by the pathology at hand, and so foolishly and preposterously insist that “my” gang’s cells have gained immunity thereto, by virtue of flattering cherry-picked assertions which only halfway indicate the veracity of such foolishly preposterous posturing?

    Are there really any exclusives? Are there really any immunities?


    Come on, LT. Just stop it. That nonsense obviously stands out as more than a tad sophomoric, here, in the post-posturing era of the CLEARLY duopoly-caused collapse of ALL pre-2020 political and historical paradigms, does’t it?

    Well, maybe not yet, to your eyes.

    Maybe you’ll first need to see and suffer (and obtain better comprehension of ALL the suffering) of more of the collapse which the genuflecting condescension of sanctimonious obedient f**k-ups from BOTH sides of the political divide will be bringing to pass forthwith, before you realize and acknowledge that it’s too late for the globally-fatal games of exclusive political immunity and exclusive political blame.

    The f**k-ups have taken over, and they’re all the same, and both their sides have got the same name, no matter the spelling of the posturing platform they maintain for playing their chosen role in a failed illusion, playing for the fame that comes with recklessly ravaging and crushing a civilization into the status of evolutionary excrement, and flushing it down the drain.

    Welcome to the distinction of extinction, courtesy of BOTH wings of propagandizing ideologues, both of which fly their planes without navigation, without destination, without landing gear, and without shame.

    BOTH fly their planes without navigation, without destination, without landing gear, and without shame.

    All propagandizing ideologues do nothing but wave the flags of the crash sites, shouting, “Worthy are we to slay with immunity, and they to be exclusively slain.”

  2. The condescension of the sanctimonious, NPR liberal is not pilloried enough. These competitively obedient, careerists and PC culture acolytes are genuflecting to their masters in the plutocracy when down on one knee and not to the African Americans who stand before them. It’s a demonstration of absolute obedience to their master’s narrative and dogma, not to people of color about whom they care very little. They have been ordered to make the gesture, so they gesture to keep their masters in the ruling plutocracy happy. The rich who control the purse strings have decreed that people of color are on the politically correct side of the political divide and that all others in the PC coalition must acknowledge it, but these soul-less bourgeoisie aren’t going to invest a moment in actual thought about how to connect with, respect, or otherwise help, members of the African American community. They are merely following orders.

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