1 thought on “What New York City Looks Like Now: “This Was Not A Riot.””

  1. When hundreds of us were arrested blocking bridges and tunnels following the police murder of Sean Bell in 2006, there was not one scuffle with the officers, and no baton was raised. Was even one person injured during that sizable disruption? I don’t think so. When hundreds of us were arrested in a month of civil disobedience at police headquarters that took place following the police murder of Amadou Diallo in 1999, the same was true. It was all carried out in a way that would have made Martin Luther King proud.
    And so on and so on through countless other cases: the choking of Anthony Biaz in 1996, the broomstick attack on Abner Louima in 1997, the murder of Patrick Dorismond in 2000, etc. We blocked streets and bridges, and were almost always taken downtown to Central Booking, sometimes to spend the night in the holding cells. Some of the older black leaders had been doing much the same thing since the civil rights movement. For me it’s a flashback to the nationwide riots when I was a teenager. I’m the same age as the students who were shot by the National Guard in Ohio — I was 18 then and over a hundred arrests later, I’m 68 now, and don’t have the nerves anymore to confront the system and get arrested. Thank you for posting this illustrative clip: NYC on its way toward uninhabitable within five or ten years.

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