Jon Rappoport Publishes Shocking Article Exposing Metallic Nano-Particles In Many Vaccines


“Excellent beginning to a VERY deep rabbit hole. Nano particles (or more appropriately, self-replicating nanobots) are more widespread than you may think. For decades now, Clifford Carnicom, of the Carnicom Institute, has been looking at the components of chemtrails and the rise of Morgellons disease and possible connections. Tests have shown these ‘bots’ are in “everything”. Quite literally everyone and everything tested contained these ‘bots’. Once access to an electron microscope was obtained, Mr Carnicom, and his associates, discovered the ‘fibers’ appearing in the open sores of Morgellons sufferers were, get this, composed of and contained these self-replicating nanobots. In other words, these bots were building their own conduits for further dissemination throughout the body. You want a rabbit hole? You got one. If you wish to explore this chasm, the Carnicom Institute has posted, on it’s website, every test they have ever performed. In addition, every correspondence, most notably those with military and government agencies. 20 years ago, I assisted with the collection of samples obtained in Hepa filters placed throughout southern California, to determine the components of chemtrails. The findings were unsettling. Not only nanoparticles, but biologicals, bacteria and viral components were prevalent. There were even unknown biological cells that had no “earthly” equivalent. After more than ten years of research into chemtrails, the institute has spent the last 20 years studying the presumed manifestation of these components in Morgellons. So, the presence of nanoparticles in vaccines is; 1) not surprising and 2) cause for grave concern.

Comment by Scooter, on No More Fake News website

Read the deeply disturbing article here.

Open question: What can we do to protect ourselves?

I don’t want to spread fear without remedy.

We must become experts at self-chelation, and detoxification. I worked at this for years and have considerable knowledge, which I will post about.

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