1 thought on “Who Planned Their Destruction? Black Woman Weeps Walking Through Looted Black Owned Store, Unable to Get Food For Her Kids, As Gun Is Pointed At Her by A “Protester.””

  1. Powerful. Moving. Sad. Tragic.

    America is number one? America can’t do better than this?

    Out of sight, out of mind?

    No, not out of mind. It’s all part of the American mind, because the American mind became a trance of serial denials.

    A trance of serial denials.

    Opportunity zones, and lowballed unemployment numbers, and neoliberal platitudes, just ain’t gonna make America anything but more of the worst of the same.

    More of the same, and then it’s off to the golf course, or the basketball court, or the photo-op, or the fundraiser for the perpetual election campaign. D’s and R’s, all the same.

    The disparities and denials are clearly going to be the death of whatever America could have been.

    The market will solve nothing, because the market exists only to exploit and extract, not to replenish the human sense of cultural/communal equity, camaraderie, trust, and mutual care.

    The market only has costs and profits. It has no soul.

    It never did. It never will. It never could. It never can.

    It teaches and trains its customers to be the same as it is. Rats.

    A culture of rats, at the top, and at the bottom. Rats, breeding unlimited disparities and denials, and distractions, until the sewer explodes from unexpected diseases, and then the distracting illusions are replaced by the desperations previously kept locked-down just below the culture’s skin.

    Distracting illusions, and desperations: That’s the name of the game, in the era of the “Yes We Can” and “Drain The Swamp” brands of civilizational destruction by the disingenuous sloganeering of rats with no souls.

    Rats with no souls.

    Here we go again. More of the same, version 2020. Closer to the fall, with every electoral floor we add to the tower of Rats ‘R Us.

    Sad. Tragic.

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