Antifa, aka Ultra-Fa, And The Final Fascist Destruction Of The Underclass (One Man’s Words)


“It’s pretty clear Anti-Fa, which should be named Ultra-Fa, both for its tactics and because it is the spawn of fascist, transnational plutocrat, George Soros, has partnered with DNC-aligned police departments, mayors, and governors in this obscene divide et impera theater of the absurd. The Democrats are feckless enough to imagine they are doing something good, that “white privilege” is somehow real and important, though it reveals their complete moral and intellectual incompetence. Soros does not share their goals. His sub rosa motivation is global techno-feudalism, a hopelessly divided, and therefore conquered, underclass that has no ability to resist enslavement by decadent, gluttonous, Satanists.”

–Darwin K. Hoop

* Darwin K. Hoop is a nom du plume.

4 thoughts on “Antifa, aka Ultra-Fa, And The Final Fascist Destruction Of The Underclass (One Man’s Words)”

  1. White nationalists fervor? Really John? When was that? I must have missed that. But you are right, it is not just Soros. It is Obama, the Clintons, the CCP, Pelosi and all of their minions. This country has become land of the pod people or the Manson family cult. Cops and National Guard taking a knee? So called Christians supporting a terrorist hate group? I can’t take anymore virtue signalling either! HELP!

    1. Rebecca, buying into the left-right polarization is exactly what the controllers want. Not saying you aren’t making good points, but let’s keep our eye on the prize and not get sidetracked by the narrative. My point was simply that you can easily make a case for either side, and then where are you? The controllers like us there, fighting each other. Not buying into removes reactivity from the equation and gives us a wiser basis for seeing through the drama to what’s actually happening: a deep state coup — yes, apparently mostly run by the left elements but not entirely.

  2. Look, it’s pretty clear that there are radicals on both the left and the right. From the evidence of one of the other articles/videos posted here today, it seems entirely likely that elements of our own government are involved in these agit-prop operations. Pointing the finger at the Democrats is not entirely useful, you could just as easily point the finger at #45, who has used his pulpit to foment white nationalist fervor for the last four years; all you get from this is people hating or fearing the other side, which itself may be part of the hoped-for outcome, because if we’re fighting each other, we’re not looking at the deep state and those who might benefit from a more severe lockdown scenario across the culture, which seems to be the agenda here. By all means, let us do our due diligence and discover what is actually going on. But I believe wisdom would suggest that we stop short of certainty like “Soros did it!” when all the evidence and research is not yet in. Jumping to these conclusions only increases polarization. What I believe we can say with some level of certainty is that elements appear to be orchestrated. Of course, once the windows have been smashed, people who are looting are not helping the cause in any way.

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