YOU SAY YOU WANT A REVOLUTION? NYPD Officer Reports From The Frontlines, “Complete Anarchy and Savagery. I Didn’t Hear One Person Say The Name George Floyd.”


My FB friend Theresa Chieng posted this:

‘Written by an NYPD Officer on the front line last night. Please make this go viral. The world needs to know.’

“Almost 32 years with NYPD, I have never felt such disgust, hopelessness, and anger. Manhattan was occupied territory tonight, we were totally outnumbered by miscreants. They were brazen, laughing and rampant. It was so prevalent there was nothing a police officer could do according to the rules and expectations of the Democrat Party. Our leaders took knees of solidarity with “protesters” during the day, and then had a d… forced down their throats at night. Zero leadership. Zero courage. Complete and utter pandering. And I heard the Bronx was even worse. I didn’t hear one person say the name George Floyd. It was complete anarchy and savagery. New York, wait until you wake up and see video of Manhattan. It will look like Iraq. If you don’t beg Donald Trump to take charge of these democrat cities across America, your country will be lost. The shit I saw today disgusted me more than the shit I saw on 9-11. Wasn’t even close. Going to bed. Good night.What normal person burns businesses, loots, throws bricks, and defaces churches?”

Let me add what I heard: A friend who lives in Chelsea reported the “protesters” were hollering profanities about gay men as they smashed up storefronts. I’m not in the mood to quote them accurately. It makes me kind of complicit in hate speech, if I do. Unless of course I am Tom Wolfe.

Here is a frightening report from a New York resident published in the New York Post.

I’m heading down to midtown to see for myself.

1 thought on “YOU SAY YOU WANT A REVOLUTION? NYPD Officer Reports From The Frontlines, “Complete Anarchy and Savagery. I Didn’t Hear One Person Say The Name George Floyd.””

  1. Speaking scientifically/anthropologically, the human animal has NEVER been ANYWHERE NEAR as civil, as intellectually refined, as ethically advanced, as morally superior as it loves to imagine itself being.

    Consider the fact that quite recently, this entity called America built itself with a population of human animals who convinced themselves that somebody in the sky was directing them to perform the “holy” sacrament of ratifying Master Race theology by implementing the holocaust of mass-murdering more than 200-million “red-skinned” children, women, grandfathers, grandmothers and all the red-skinned patriot males who attempted, in futility, to defend those families and their homeland.

    The point here, my dear Celia, is contained in three simple words.

    That point is not my point.

    It is the empty universe’s point. It is empty science’s point. It is empty anthropology’s point. It is the empty, impersonal, unbiased point made by the thoughtless random history of earth itself, and by the thoughtless random history of the human animal itself.

    The point is:

    Let it go.

    Let it go.

    Detach. Disentangle. Unbind.


    Because none of it came with any promise of resolution or redemption.

    None of it.

    None of it came with any promise of reaching what its human inhabitants love to believe it can reach, or any promise of becoming what its human inhabitants love to imagine it can be.

    Heal yourself.

    That’s your truly sacred duty.

    Reach and be yourself.

    Reach and be yourself, detached from whatever wants you to only reach and be itself.

    Once is all you have.

    Only once.

    The perpetual Descent of Man isn’t your burden, my dear neighbor within these neighborhoods of the ghosts of ancient pasts and ancient futures.

    Let it go.

    For yourself.

    Let it go.


    If you decide that anything I’ve said above is improper, then of course, never mind my folly, and dispatch your chastisements accordingly. I will not issue any objections.

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