3 thoughts on “White Activists, Presumably Antifa, Hand Out Bricks, Putting African Americans At Risk; They Catch Hell, And Drive Off”

  1. It’s pretty clear Anti-Fa, which should be named Ultra-Fa, both for its tactics and because it is the spawn of fascist, transnational plutocrat, George Soros, has partnered with DNC-aligned police departments, mayors, and governors in this obscene divide et impera theater of the absurd. The Democrats are feckless enough to imagine they are doing something good, that “white privilege” is somehow real and important, though it reveals their complete moral and intellectual incompetence. Soros does not share their goals. His sub rosa motivation is global techno-feudalism, a hopelessly divided, and therefore conquered, underclass that has no ability to resist enslavement by decadent, gluttonous, Satanists.

  2. Nothing much bothers and challenges my sense of confidence in human competence, more than all the pathologically-tribal/pathologically-cult-like FALSEHOOD that’s commonly the norm in the nasty habit of accusatory demonization, deployed against those targeted as “the infidels”.

    Yes, some white-skinned jerks handed out bricks. But, were those white jerks carrying Antifa I.D. cards, or were they wearing their handwritten names on rectangular Antifa greeting stickers stuck to the chest pockets of their stinky t-shirts?

    According to the plentiful and ever-increasing publications of well-documented reportage, the word is that various white-supremacist groups are infiltrating the protests, with the aim to provoke a variety of violent acts (which include throwing bricks) as the means to achieve the igniting of their long hoped-for race war.

    So, who was handing out the bricks? Was it Antifa hardline lefties, or White-Power hardline righties?

    Also then, why is it that self-described moderate righties want to allege, NO MATTER HOW FALSE IT IS, that the brick-pushers in the video MUST have been Antifa provocateurs? And why is it that self-described moderate lefties want to allege, NO MATTER HOW FALSE IT IS, that the brick-pushers MUST have been White-Power provocateurs?

    If you take a side in all of that slinging and spewing of partisan speculative falsehood, and utterly lynch-like demonization of utterly unknown brick-pushers, you have become an accomplice in the evils (the EVILS!) of the cycle of violence.

    Now pardon my bitter sarcasm, ladies and gentlemen, but I reckon that that’s a rather wise and dang exemplary thing to do, ain’t it?

    Ain’t it?

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