A Two Part Interview That Could Change Your Life: Patrick McGean on Organic Sulphur


I am not ashamed of my history with incapacitating depression. I see it as a very fruitful catastrophe to afflict a person, full of gold. Yet you would not wish it upon your worst enemy; Nor is it a “decision.” The soul/brain pain can be as real as if a shark were taking an arm. It has as many causes as it has paths out, and I have attempted most of them.

A depressed person should be very careful about trying to make a non depressed person understand what depression feels like, because it’s easy to become more depressed, when people say things that only make sense if you’re not depressed to begin with.

Depression is not failure. It could be seen as being successfully sentient, but having a distorted sense of your right to be here. (Your “value.”) It’s deeply connected to both gut health and fatigue. Biologically speaking, the better part of “depression” is fatigue. Fatigue, in turn, is indelibly connected to gut health, mineralization, and oxygen.

I tried everything under the sun to generate dopamine/seratonin, for the better part of a decade, and came into a clearing finally, but what was it that really made the difference?

I sidestep that question in favor of Favorite Horses.


One is organic sulphur, and I knew I only wanted to listen to one man on the subject–Patrick McGean, to remind me why I never should have stopped taking it.

McGean is eccentric to the point of being hard to listen to for some people (not for me) but I also feel he is the only person alive who can narrate the many gifts of organic sulphur. Specifically, his 2 long, wonderfully non-linear conversations with Clive De Carle, both of which which I post here, not for the first time.



From depression, to chronic fatigue, to cancer, to arthritis, to ill-temper, to listless skin and hair–organic sulphur can come to the rescue if you just stick with it. I started the regimen again last night. I already feel more energetic, directional and hopeful.

I hope this helps many of you out there, struggling right now in this literally unbelievable world.

4 thoughts on “A Two Part Interview That Could Change Your Life: Patrick McGean on Organic Sulphur”

  1. He does know a lot, but, his quite egomaniacal braggadocio, and his various pounding/jackhammer modes of manifesting borderline derangement, are severely off-putting, which, unfortunately, results in making him inaccessible to the easily-frightened, easily traumatized, mild-natured naturopathic neophytes among us.

    In my experience, such mild-natured neophytes are the majority in the populations of metabolic and physiological sufferers who are seeking relief.

    Humble consideration of the listener’s needs, rather than the needs of his ego, would achieve a much more important and more abundant usefulness as a healer, in service to those who need healing.

    That’s the vibe generated in me , by the McGean character and the McGean schtick.

    It felt like being battered. Not good.

    But, I know your intention is good, Celia. Thank you for wanting to be compassionate, and wanting to contribute in the quest for wellness.

    1. John,

      What is excellent life-extending information came via a truly complicated human being who maybe appears to be “egomaniacal,” etc? His data, his STUDY. I have looked at his data over the years and been very impressed. I should have linked to his study. And I will, when I find it.

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