Covid Autopsies in Italy Show THROMBOSIS, Anti-viral Therapies Won’t Work, Anti-Inflammatory Therapies DO work


Note: I am re-posting this with permission from a FB group I belong to called “Paul’s Holistic Health Club.” The person who posted it originally, Vonni Preston Anderson, when asked for the link to the original source, said it was repeatedly removed from LinkedIn, hence she cut and pasted to to FB. If said link becomes available I will post it. At present, take it for what it is, and we will continue to try to verify, and establish who the author is.


Autopsies Prove that COVID-19 is a Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (Pulmonary Thrombosis)

It is now clear that the whole world has been attacking the so-called Coronavirus Pandemic wrongly due to a serious pathophysiological diagnosis error.

According to valuable information from Italian pathologists, ventilators and intensive care units were never needed.

Autopsies performed by the Italian pathologists has shown that it is not pneumonia but it is Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (Thrombosis) which ought to be fought with antibiotics, antivirals, anti-inflammatories and anticoagulants.

If this is true for all cases, that means the whole world is about to resolve this novel pandemic earlier than expected.

However, protocols are currently being changed in Italy who have been adversely affected by this pandemic.

The impressive case of a Mexican family in the United States who claimed they were cured with a home remedy was documented: three 500 mg aspirins dissolved in lemon juice boiled with honey, taken hot. The next day they woke up as if nothing had happened to them! Well, the scientific information that follows proves they are right!

This information was released by a medical researcher from Italy:

“Thanks to 50 autopsies performed on patients who died of COVID-19, Italian pathologists have discovered that IT IS NOT PNEUMONIA, strictly speaking, because the virus does not only kill pneumocytes of this type, but uses an inflammatory storm to create an endothelial vascular thrombosis.”

In disseminated intravascular coagulation, the lung is the most affected because it is the most inflamed, but there is also a heart attack, stroke and many other thromboembolic diseases.

In fact, the protocols left antiviral therapies useless and focused on anti-inflammatory and anti-clotting therapies. These therapies should be done immediately, even at home, in which the treatment of patients responds very well.

If the Chinese had denounced it, they would have invested in home therapy, not intensive care! So, the way to fight it is with antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and anticoagulants.

An Italian pathologist reports that the hospital in Bergamo did a total of 50 autopsies and one in Milan, 20, that is, the Italian series is the highest in the world, the Chinese did only 3, which seems to fully confirm the information.

In a nutshell, the disease is determined by a disseminated intravascular coagulation triggered by the virus; therefore, it is not pneumonia but pulmonary thrombosis, a major diagnostic error.

Some world leaders doubled the number of resuscitation places in the ICU, with unnecessary exorbitant costs.

According to the Italian pathologist, treatment in ICUs is useless if thromboembolism is not resolved first. “If we ventilate a lung where blood does not circulate, it is useless, in fact, nine (9) patients out of ten (10) will die because the problem is cardiovascular, not respiratory.”

“It is venous microthrombosis, not pneumonia, that determines mortality.”

According to the literature, inflammation induces thrombosis through a complex but well-known pathophysiological mechanism.

Unfortunately, what the scientific literature said, especially Chinese, until mid-March was that anti-inflammatory drugs should not be used.

Now, the therapy being used in Italy is with anti-inflammatories and antibiotics, as in influenza, and the number of hospitalized patients has been reduced.

He also discovered that many deaths, even in their 40s, had a history of fever for 10 to 15 days, which were not treated properly.

The inflammation does a great deal of tissue damage and creates ground for thrombus formation. However, the main problem is not the virus, but the immune hyperreaction that destroys the cell where the virus is installed.

In fact, patients with rheumatoid arthritis have never needed to be admitted to the ICU because they are on corticosteroid therapy, which is a great anti-inflammatory.

With this important discovery, it is possible to return to normal life and open closed deals due to the quarantine, though not immediately, but with time.

Kindly share so that the health authorities of each country can make their respective analysis of this information, prevent further deaths and redirect investments appropriately; the vaccine may come later.

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  1. I can promise everyone that someone at DARPA knows whether or not 5G can cause thrombosis. There’s exactly no chance at all there isn’t an enormous library of data of the effects of 5G on human and non-human animal subjects. Yet, nothing is available and that should worry us all greatly.

  2. Thanks for posting, Celia. Several medical sources have brought this to our attention. It is so frustrating that there cannot be an open discussion regarding the evidences and intricacies of this phenomenon. How about instead of “pro and anti vaxers”, who’s right and who’s wrong, we had an intelligent conversation that considered all the evidence. I guess we can’t because that would be way beyond the sandbox.

  3. I assume the diagnosis of Covid was a result of a positive PCR which is a high degree of false positivity. Furthermore I understand that many of these patients were elderly. Furthermore my understanding is there is a high incidence of 5G roll out. So assuming and I mean assuming that these pathologist findings are accurate this could be true true but unrelated. Or could it be secondary to 5G? I am not going to except these results as gospel.

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