New UncoverDc Article: The Simulation Machine And The “Problems With The Test” For COVID-19


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  1. I don’t know what to make of this article on the basis that China released the whole genetic code of Cov-2 on 10 January.

    If that is true, then how can this article say that the virus was never identified?

  2. Hello Celia,
    Very insightful article. It seems like the same game is played again on a global scale, and affecting every single human being on Earth, as the one that was played with HIV/AIDS/AZT on selcted minorities. Most of the cards that they are holding look very much the same. And yet, although very skeptical from the beginning, I’m still not quite sure that the two cases are exactly superimposable. Yes, they both rely on the fallaceous (for diagostic purposes) PCR technique [incidentally it could be added that the criticalities of PCR must include, when spaking of RNA viruses, the very first step in the amplification reaction, that is the reverse-transcription of RNA to DNA, which is much more error-prone (1 in 2000 bases) than the polymerase chain reaction itself.]
    But in this new pandemic there are claims that the virus was actually isolated. There are at last a couple of early articles claiming isolation and sequencing of SARS-Covid-2 from the first USA and the first Australian patient, respectively (; And there are more from China. Do we then have to accept that there is actually a virus out there? Certainly the argument that there was no isolation of the virus from patients seems untenable this time. It still remains to be established that this virus is not an epiphenomenon, but the real causative agent of infections to the lower respiratory tract affecting a minority of individuals. If it is so, the focus should be on the factors that render a small minority of this minority so sensitive to deadly consequences, with others present with symptoms of a common flu. I have ideas on this but will wait to see how things evolve. The fact that it took two months to even mention the possibility to test for antibodies or to use sera from infected and healed people to cure the sick, is tell-tale of how the post-post modern medicine approaches problems. With Koch, Pasteur, Salk Sabin etc spinning in the grave. And I’m still waiting to see an authopsy or a clinical description of the immune parametetrs of the deceased, the pharmacolocigal regimen they were subjected to, their co-morbidities. I am distrusting everything that is said to the public, especially in Italy where the rethoric of the medical and political establishment is reaching peaks never seen before. And yet the dissenting critique should be more refined this time.

  3. Thank you very much for this. Fascinating read. A manufacturing technique used as a diagnostic tool, and unquestioned as such. A novel condition which can be deadly to the vulnerable, but which lacks a definitive clinical description. A Gates/WHO pandemic organization awaiting such an event. Topsy-turvy Land. Also thank you for your fine journalism, especially on the HIV/AIDS fraud. Your Harper’s article (subscriber for nearly thirty years now) opened my eyes. I well remember meeting Sandor Katz, at a book signing in 2012(“The Art of Fermentation”). He looked in the pink of health, after having been diagnosed HIV positive, moving to a farm and eating nothing but wholesome food.

  4. Hi Celia

    Great article I have forwarded it to our PM Scott Morrison. Wether he reads it and takes notice of it I doubt it but had to give it try.

    Also do you follow Dr Shiva Ayyadurai ? I watched an interview with him on YouTube about the
    CV and he also brought up Duesberg and the HIV
    debacle and how bad a scientist Fauci is.

    Hopefully he wins his Senate seat in 2020

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