5 thoughts on ““You Will Get Chipped–Eventually””

  1. There is no way that I am being micro chipped. It is a complete lie that it will not track your every movements. That is what they are going to tell you so that you will feel semi-comfortable with it. In actuality, it is going to be connected to 5G and the government will know where you are at all times. There is also no way that I am getting any vaccine with a nano chip in it. I do not consent to dying a slow painful death at the hands of Bill Gates. We all need to stand up to Bill Gates and his cronies and say “NO!” to him.

  2. American journalism: Telling the underclass what will happen to them whether they like it or not. “Things will never be the same no matter what!” Who elected Bill Gates? Has USA Today heard about “democracy”? It should be calling for open revolt.

  3. “Not a GPS tracker” – what an outright LIE! (In the 5G “Internet of Everything” ANY implanted device including microchips in vaccines, are tracking devices.)

    I agree. The chip – or new vaccines with nano-technology – must be our “line in the sand” – not now; NOT EVER.

    It’s not about resisting technological change, it’s about crossing the line into playing G-d with bodies and populations. Our bodies are natural, intelligent, self-regulating marvels. When any group gets the idea they can supplant this power with their own, we have lost everything.

  4. One interviewee/expert, quoted in the article, says it won’t happen sooner than 50 years away.


    It will happen in response to the “need” for it, resulting from a globally-dismantling crisis that “requires” global management of a newly-created global government (management only possible with the chipping of every man, woman, and child).

    That so-called “need” will ensue precisely when the international script, from which the diabolical shadow-government conspirators are working, designates that the “need” will have been established by said crisis.

    Fifty years is a ridiculous supposition.

    It doesn’t matter how many people are not ready and comfortable with the chipping. It’s going to FORCED on the world’s population, not nicely and courteously served on gold-embroidered silk surgical cloths draped over diamond-studded operating room scalpel trays.

    Fifty years? That’s nonsense.

    It could be next year, or any year thereafter.

    The script’s “necessary” dynamics for initiation of the script’s dismantling-crisis (the crisis of apocalyptic world war, and economic unsustainability) are now clearly VERY near to critical mass, and the “necessary” technological capabilities are too.

    We are very close, to the script’s “necessary” final stage-prepping obliterations and dismantlements, and then the aftermath’s unveiling of The Beast.

    We all proceed submerged, by design, in a dense fog of confusion, as nothing more than a captive audience to the tricks of 666.

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