What They Said: Donald Trump


“Mitigation does work,” Mr Trump interjected. “But again, we’re not going to destroy our country. We have to get back… We have a big decision to make at a certain point.

“I’ve said it from the beginning, the cure cannot be worse than the problem itself.”

–Donald Trump

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  1. He’s right. The cure (lockdowns) is clearly worse than the disease. While in some areas, such as NYC, medical professionals are working heroically and tirelessly to treat very ill people who are called CoV “cases,” there doesn’t seem to be any sort of crisis in most of the country. The rising number of “cases” tracks with the rising number of “tests.” John Rappaport has lucidly explained how both PCR and antibody (ELISA) tests are unreliable, nor can the antibody test tell whether a positive result means the “case” had the virus previously and recovered, and is thus immune, or that they currently have the virus and, while asymptomatic, are shedding. In my county the positive tests are rising in lockstep with the rising number of tests given. Zero deaths. Thanks, Celia.

  2. Re: The NY doctor and patients lacking oxygen. Very simple: As the 5G power is turned up, the effect is to take more oxygen from the body. At a full 60 Mhrz, the 5G microwaves will take 98 percent of the oxygen out of the body, which results in instant death – perhaps before one hits the ground.

    We have a digitally-activated virus. The coronavirus was implemented for many reasons of great import, but, most immediately, it provided cover for the effects (illness and deaths) of the 5G-caused results when the 10,000 5G cell phone towers were turned on in Wuhan. Deaths are greatest where 5G technology is most dense – Wuhan; Washington State; NY; and Italy. And, we have many people dying with the coronavirus, but not from the coronavirus.

    There is much more that would require pages to tell, but all students, teachers, administrators and school boards should protest the surreptitious installation of 5G and biometric technology at the closed schools, with federal workers coming in as “maintenance” and “clean-up” personnel, but performing installations that will produce more illnesses and deaths to all who are in the vicinity of them. The mainstream media won’t talk about this. The US Dept. of Education is also behind this. And, people should be aware that the Pirbright Institute in Surrey, England, controls the 5G technology worldwide and can remotely touch any individual in the world if it elects to turn up the power. No one is mentioning that Israel is using primarily 3G and is smart enough not to use 5G.

  3. The problem cannot be cured if one ignorantly, irresponsibly, dangerously and foolishly insists (or even suggests the possibility) that the cure will be worse than the problem.

    Without the cure, the cascading, escalating problem will create a much more severe problem which cannot be cured.

    A problem so severe that it cannot be cured, will leave an economy which cannot be supplied with any of its vital components, including it’s personnel and its food.

    Catchy phrases for promoting policy decisions which will make the problem become much worse, are the careless con-artistries of clowns whose core concepts of science come only from dollar signs.

    That same man stood in front of the world and said anyone with Covid-19 should consider it as nothing more than a flu, and should happily continue going to work with it, just as they would with a common cold.

    Trust him? Honor him? Emulate him?

    Buffoon. An utterly unstable and dangerously ignorant buffoon. He’s proven that literally thousands of times, beyond any doubt.

    I’m not a Democrat or Republican. I would never, and didn’t, vote for Hillary or Trump. Same goes for every potential candidate in the 2020 federal elections. I speak only as a human being, not as a partisan. I have NEVER attached myself to any party, or any politician, or any political platform, because they are ALL corrupted, buffoonish, incompetent chasers of fortune and fame. Nothing more. That is the nature and the prerequisite standard for holding federal office, in these times. Sad, by true.

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