NYC ER Doctor Says Something Is Very Mysterious About Covid 19. Patients Lack Oxygen, Per Se. Why?


Note: The 5G theory of Covid 19 points to the fact that the 5G frequency targets our oxygen receptors. That does not explain the demographic. Or does it? Let’s keep the discussion open, calm, and civil. Something is “going on.” We must all work to crack the code and not assume we have answers when we don’t. I welcome your comments. I set the comments to being pre-viewed by me because there were too many abusive comments for a long time. But I can promise to check and clear them much faster, a few times a day, if people will comment. Most comments on TTB are in the spirit of good will, and very insightful. I depend upon them for direction and inspiration.

6 thoughts on “NYC ER Doctor Says Something Is Very Mysterious About Covid 19. Patients Lack Oxygen, Per Se. Why?”

  1. What about this? It will be much worse in Africa , when they start testing and treating heathy people, they will produce serious “Covid – 19” cases. There is some smell of genocide, please read and spread this:
    sources and links :
    Chloroquine may kill many people in Africa, Chicago and elsewhere!

    WHO and many others advocate the use of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) if the SARS-CoV-2 test is positive. HCQ is an old malaria drug, used also with autoimmun diseases but is not officially approved for Covid-19. Most of the recent studies with HCQ (more than 100 on 18.4.2020, 35 new ones last week), which have now been registered in rapid succession, also want to use HCQ alone or in combination with other drugs. HCQ is already being used like that even in completely healthy people „for the prevention of severe courses“. It is also used prophylactically for medical staff. The recommended dose is about 20 times as high as for malaria prophylaxis! (400-800mg per day). The „compassionate“ use and the production (e.g. in Cameroon) of HCQ is currently being ramped up especially in Africa
    But so far there is no sufficient evidence for a positive clinical effect of HCQ in SARS-CoV-2 positives, let alone in test negatives.

    However, HCQ is one of the drugs that causes severe damage to red blood cells in cases of hereditary glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency.
    The erythrocytes then burst en masse. Their debris clogs the smallest blood vessels and damages sensible organs like kidneys and brain. In addition erythrocytes are then missing to transport oxygen throughout the body. This is one of the reasons why there is severe shortness of breath without typical signs of peumonia.
    The acute symptoms improve spontaneously after the dangerous medication is stopped, thanks to a rapid normalisation of the blood count.

    Almost nobody seems to be aware, that in sub-Saharan Africa, for example, the hereditary G6PD deficiency is widespread among 20-30% of the population? But also in other Countries, where malaria was or still is endemic, there is a high prevalence of G6PD deficiency . It must also be remembered in families with a migration background e.g. in Chicago (10 to 12%), New York and elsewhere.
    Johns Hopkins University is warning not to use „Aspirin, certain antibiotics (which?),Fava beans and Moth balls“ but does not mention chloroquin derivates!

    If people with G6PD deficiency get this HCQ-prophylaxe or therapy the symptoms will appear soon.

    1-2 days after the start of treatment a very severe clinical picture with sudden weakness, dizziness, respiratory distress and signs of organ damage may end deadly, if the toxic medication is not stopped immediately.
    So using the questionable SARS-CoV-2 test as a trigger for treatment or prevention with dangerous drugs like HCQ may kill many, without any pandemic being in sight.
    This genetic peculiarity is also common in Mediterranean countries and in all regions where malaria has occurred or is still occurring.

  2. This crisis is an opportunity — perhaps our last — to re-evaluate the germ theory of disease in its entirety. Chemical toxins, poisons, environmental pollutions, etc. are prior causes of disease; they weaken the human immune system, and then make it possible for opportunistic infections to take hold. To attack various microbes and ignore the prior chemicals and toxins, is backward. This is easy for me to say, but difficult to prove. Now today, in addition to a toxic environment we are being subjected to an increasing bath of microwave radiation. Second Avenue in Manhattan all the way up to 14th Street, and over to Union Square, is like an open microwave oven. The EMF meter goes off the scale. Along with wifi antennas are wifi kiosks, cell phones, and other sources of non-ionizing radiation, and these things disturb the oxygen molecules in the lungs, and make it difficult for the oxygen to be absorbed into the bloodstream. For more information on the health and environmental consequences of non-ionizing radiation, including 5G, see Manhattan Neighbors for Safer Telecommunications. (

    Felton Davis

  3. Well, Celia, up to now, my readings on the 5G/Covid-19 connection have necessarily been sporadic, non-laborious, casual, because of time constraints, but, sufficient for acquiring a justifiable suspicion.

    My recollections of the contents of those one-time-only casual readings are imperfect.

    Nevertheless, I do recall one source reporting and documenting the fact that Wuhan was the model city where China kicked-off and very intensely concentrated it’s celebratory ramping-up of community-wide 5G advancements (so-called advancements, that is).

    In some of the investigative medical reporting I’ve read, there is discussion of a calcium-channel function which is crucial/indispensable for the human immune system, and which is utterly obliterated by exposure to 5G frequencies.

    I could go on and on, listing my admittedly flawed recollections of the investigative reports and medical research I’ve been reading regarding the 5G/Covid-19 connection.

    The bottom line is that the science LOUDLY, clearly and unambiguously tells us THERE IS a very powerful, very chilling connection.

    What that portends for all of us in the coming months and years is, to me, very saddening.

    Sadness flows in me, much more than anger.

    Anger is almost non-existent in my response to the 5G tragedy unfolding. Anger generates only impulses of futile yearnings for vengeance.

    Sad. So many injured. So much suffering. So much trust and faith betrayed, on all fronts…

    …all for the supremacy of the profit-vultures’ profit-addicted culture of continued and expanded intoxication by the discipline of selling their souls, evading their consciences, and exorcising their senses of fellowship, for a buck and a bullyboyish bragging parade around the crumbling worldwide block.

    “Of the people”? No.
    “By the people”? No.
    “For the people”? No.

    Never was.
    Isn’t still.
    Never will.

  4. Might this be part of why some areas see much higher case fatality rates than others? Are there some parts of the USA that have 5G? Does the frequency matter? I wish I were better informed on this…

  5. All I can say at this point is that I believe you are on the right track.

    There are many capabilities of 5G (used as a military crowd control technology), and it’s highly possible that interaction with oxygen is one of them.

    Inhibiting oxygen would explain some of the effects being seen in areas where 5G is deployed.

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