6 thoughts on “Bill Gates Told Donald Trump Not To Convene RFK Jr. Led Panel On Vaccine Safety, Calling It a “Dead End.””

  1. Of course Bill Gates does not want Robert Kennedy Jr. there because Bill Gates knows that he would call him out. Bill Gates has a globalist depopulation agenda and has committed numerous crimes against humanity. I really hope that at some point, President Trump will wake up and call out Fauci and Gates. If he doesn’t, we are going to roll straight into a dystopian and totalitarian police state complete with facial recognition, forced vaccinations, contact tracing, 5G,censorship, never ending lockdowns, never ending face masks, and never ending social distancing. Please President Trump, wake up to this and stop this!

  2. It’s unfortunate that Trump’s boast about draining the swamp never really came to fruition. He’s more interested in his image than in the truth. Can you imagine the power that the duo of Trump and Robert Kennedy, Jr could have? That would be a hard train for Bill Gates or Tony Fauci to stop.

    1. It’s more than unfortunate. It’s tragic. It’s not possible to forgive him for failing to see through Fauci and Gates. They wrecked the country.

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