Trump Declares War On Drug Cartels As Media In Deep Trance Continue To Ask What This Has To Do With Corona


7 thoughts on “Trump Declares War On Drug Cartels As Media In Deep Trance Continue To Ask What This Has To Do With Corona”

  1. Do you think he is doing this to protect us from not just drug cartels? Weren’t the people in the Pentagon ordered into bunkers? Did he order our troops to come back to the US? I have heard these things but I do not know if they are true. Maybe you have better information than I do.

  2. Hi Celia.
    Just wanted to warn you.
    On receiving a dm offering great deals on sunglasses from your twitter account , i found that i am no longer blocked by the account that was my reason for joining the hell that is that site. Presuming your account has either been hacked by someone or possessed by demons.

  3. hurry back to writing celia: the times have turned weird and your mind is a beacon. thank you for being brave. and talented.

  4. Important Correction:

    “Trump Declares War On Miniscule, Ridiculously Teenie-Tiny Number Of Easily-Scapegoated, Easily-Exploited-For-Pseudo-Morality-Illusion-Presentation, Non-American, Non-Corporate, Non-FDA-Licenced, Non-Stock-Exchange-Traded, Non-Granted-Immunity-From-Liability, Non-Lobby-Facilitated-Corrupt-Politician-Purchasing, Non-U.S.-And-International-Pharma-Cartel-Enrolled, Non-U.S.-Government-Greenlighted-Mass-Murdering Drug Cartels, As Media In Deep Trance Continue To Ask What This Has To Do With Corona.”

    I ask, what does it have to do with true morality, and true war against drug cartels?

    The combined government structures, facilities, functions and officialdoms of America, including Donald Trump and his administration, are now, as the federal government has been throughout every adminstration to which the Pharma lobby has had access, swimming in America’s drug cartels, dancing with America’s drug cartels, fellowshipping with America’s drug cartels, praying and worshipping with America’s drug cartels, praising god with America’s drug cartels, sending America’s youth to the killing fields for the defense of the ruthlessly-conscienceless bosses of America’s absolutely immoral, and quite obviously non-miniscule, drug cartels.

    What would true morality look like?

    Where are the drug cartels which are perpetrating the overwhelming majority of the massive damages being done to America’s health and biological stability, by drugs?

    What would a TRUE war against drug cartels look like?

    No, it would NOT look like Donald Trump’s cowardly, pseudo-moralizing scapegoating of the most-easily-demonized low-hanging fruit on the tree of unconscionable cartel criminality.

    But, who truly wants to bother looking for the real thing anyway?

    It feels better to pretend. It feels better to pretend that the White Knight is riding to the rescue, with the bejeweled battalions of big business’s legalized drug cartels behind him, carrying the banners of the so-called rule of law and justice, banners painted with the blood of the dead innocents whom they will continue murdering in multiples of millions, year after year, decade after decade, generation after generation.

    Onward, Christian soldiers, marching off to war, with the cross of Jesus going on before.

  5. Time for Trump to declare war on the corporate drug cartels and on cartel kingpins like vaccine eugenicist Bill Gates.

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