Corona Decode: A Real Conversation During Unreal Times


These two are voices I trust, and I just listened with rapt attention to this important conversation. The revelations Corey makes about the AIDS slush fund, the Gates foundation, the ties to the WHO, are jaw dropping.

Bill Gates is my candidate for the Anti-Christ.

And I’m not being glib when I say that. Back when I was listening to Malachi Martin all the time, he used to speak of the features of the Anti-Christ. He said, if I recall, that he would gain infinite power globally by promising to eradicate all disease on earth. I’m terrified of people who want to “eradicate disease.” I wish they would go back to building railways and robbing people.

The Anti-Christ’s reign, if I’m not mistaken will not be very long, something like three years. Three very bad years. But then he will be finally defeated. I want to believe this.

I’ll try to locate the Martin clips and post them.

If you don’t already, subscribe to Corey’s Digs. She does blazingly important work.

I also recommend SGT Report.

The only thing I would interject here if I were on the line…just to slow it down… is when Corey says Corona is ‘real,’ citing friends who work in elderly care homes and have seen the deaths–she makes a slight leap to assume the deaths are caused by a pathogen called Cov-19, suddenly invading these nursing homes. What exactly is the “it” that is real? An exacerbated pneumonia that kills faster than normal? We need autopsies. There is no causation model for Cov 19. There is also no animal model. I’be been looking for these things. Even young mice with no immune systems don’t develop or die from Covid-19 when injected with it. Dave Rasnick said to me today, when I told him what I had found, that this is highly significant.
I’ll return to this in future posts.

Koch’s postulates have not been met for Covid 19. The Chinese are honest enough to state that plainly.

Now–the next thing Corey said was more interesting than I think she realized: She said her friends who tended to those elderly who died supposedly of the highly infectious and pathogenic Cov-19, “…they’re fine.”

Well there goes the model. The one you hear all the time on TV. The model says Covid 19 is 4 times more infectious than flu. And more deadly. Yet 19,000 people died of “flu” in the US last year. About 90 have died of “Corona Virus” in a month. Nothing is adding up.
The biological model does not say it targets the elderly, but that the entire world must be shut down including schools because it is 4 times more infectious than the flu. Why are Corey’s friends all “fine.” That’s fascinating. I hope she brings them on her podcast.

Let me know if you listened to the conversation, I always love to hear your thoughts.

And sorry I disappeared at such a troubling time. I have “a lot going on”–a huge shift in my life–and am trying to find time and focus to post more regularly.

I don’t want to be “closed” like everything else during this weirdness. We need each other.

11 thoughts on “Corona Decode: A Real Conversation During Unreal Times”

  1. Celia,
    Thanks for posting about this and kind time no see. I just want to know why people are not questioning this? It reminds me so much of the whole HIV nonsense. It does not make sense.

    I just found out about Event 201 and it blows me away that this is out there in plain view and nothing in the fake news about it. This crap is totally going to kill our economy and way of life if they let it continue. I want to thank you for continuing to research and post on these things. I appreciate you and all of our Rethinker friends out there. Keep doing what you are doing friend, take care, Joe Stokely

  2. I agree with all points here Celia:
    1. I’m not religious but anyone who cannot see he is Anti-Christ material hasn’t done the slightest homework. Not only has he poisoned legions of poor but he is founder of the obscenely-named “Good Club”, a club of breakaway rich who are obsessed with returning the earth to a population of no more than two billion people. They do this not for earth and climate but to spare themselves the wrath of the billions a billionaire impoverishes so he himself can hoard without security concerns. That has ALWAYS been the way of the despot. So long as we permit the worst kinds of people to hoard power and wealth, we shall always have such anti-Christs for only such people seek to deprive so many with their gluttony.

    2. Covid = See Ovid. In METAMORPHOSIS, Ovid addressed change. It is a Q-type meme–and a treacherous falsehood–that love will win out here. This was the other theme of METAMORPHOSIS, that love conquers all–including reason. This is a sophisticated, multi-layered operation with many beneficiaries, all money changers and hoarders.

    3. The pathogen is likely male bovine feces, a ghost for which those infected with the common cold will test positive. Perhaps the tests are merely fraudulent altogether. Trump’s FDA man said as much, but the stars who received their positive tests will NOT have to be chipped and vaccinated! Funny how that works. Only the rich can take the chance now, of course. The rest of us? Well, we can’t hole up in our compounds for three weeks. The rest of us will not test positive for antigens because nobody will have been exposed. The Ill and Mengele Hates Foundation will praise the president and our public health officials for preventing a catastrophe.

    4. What did we see in Italy and China, pandemic theater? I cannot prove otherwise.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Having lived through countless end-times, prophecied anti-Christ’s and epidemic viral threats promising to exterminate all human life, I can’t help but wish one of them would finally be real.
    Come Armageddon come
    because the rapture isn’t.

  4. Excellent as usual. I listened to Corey, she is another brilliant mind. Truth is so complex and multilayered …either people intuitively get the picture…or it takes like for you and her, years and years of digging, or studying virology, immunology, history of false flags, history of secret societies, eugenism, dark ops etc etc to start connecting dots. What’s going on worldwide is truly maddening. Writers like you save my sanity. Truly.

  5. You make great points about a couple of Corey’s comments. I fall back to u, rappoport, Mullis, rasnick etc. if this is a bio w it doesn’t appear a good one. The apparatus is winning. Trump has basically followed suit w national shut down. This is a point in time where things are put in place to take a larger leap forward toward the bigger goals and this will be used as a lever to do so. Her points about GAVI etc are good but has been ongoing since David Rockefeller. Overall good discussion. As she said it is very layered and complex as most ops are. Your interview w Rasnick is great. Any chance you can get Duesberg, or someone from the Perth group or others you know?

    1. I don’t fully understand the “four times more infectious than the flu” claim. I assume this is coming from worst case scenario numbers in other countries. Just for fun, I took a look at the CDC data for the US to determine a best guess basic reproductive ratio and, using the official CDC data, I get anywhere between 1.2 (using January 21 as the actual date of first case) and 1.35 (giving some leeway for the idea that “things didn’t really get going” until mid February). (This is not sophisticated math, either, it’s just exponents.) That is the same… as… the flu. Something’s not adding up here. Pun intended. Sorry. And Bill Gates scares the crap out of me, too.

  6. I am not a big fan of bill gates but c’mon, “the anti-Christ”?!!?
    Clearly the fantastical terror tellings from the fundamentalist “born-again” cult warning of the coming Armageddon that warped my youth seem to have changed a bit.
    The anti-Christ i was raised to fear and dread was said to be strikingly attractive, appealing, irresistibly attractive and sexually desirable to both men and women.

  7. Very good to hear your thoughts Celia – you said you’d be interested in ours. My thoughts on ‘Covid-19′ are :
    1) Tests have variable sensitivity and specificity across different demographic. Manufacturers’ test data sheets advise on the medico-social ramifications of false positives and false negatives (just like the HIV ELISAs and HIV-Western blots).
    2)No animal model for the disease; no causation model for Cov 19; Koch’s postulates have not been met for Covid 19. The Chinese scientists already stated this in their published papers.
    3) Claims for higher death rates not borne out by epidemiological data (so far) especially in relation to previous annual influenza mortality rates.
    4) Possible ‘confirmation bias’ operating in medical diagnosis; presentations of respiratory signs and symptoms possibly being over interpreted as due to ‘Covid19’ without cultures, blood cultures or material lab evidence – no traditional isolation techniques bar PCR (‘Covid is now “out there” so anyone with respiratory signs/symptoms likely “has it” – hence a ‘rush to intubation’ and a run on the existing capacity of ventilators).

  8. Excellent stuff. I have another kind of decode for you:

    COVID = “See Ovid he name has nagged at me for further consideration, so I acquiesced. As you may know, I have labeled COVID-19 “a capstone event, like 9/11). It seems unlikely to me they would label a capstone event carelessly. A cursory look reveals “see Ovid”. 

    Obviously, Ovid is best known for METAMORPHOSIS which primarily concerns itself with transformation from the passage of all things–including Rome–to extremely disturbing transformations from human to animal, from one sex to another, and so on.As you may remember, I believe it’s almost certain the ruling class is aggressively pursuing DNA metamorphoses that will see the underclass transformed into happily dutiful analogs of soldier, nurse, and worker ants. 

    Then, there is the reference to the fall of Rome at the end of METAMORPHOSIS. How cryptically apropos for a capstone event could a name possibly be?

  9. Dear Celia,

    I found your blog while looking for information about your father Barry Farber. I used to listen to his radio back in 1990s every single day. I am an immigrant from former Soviet Union, and I learned about this country listening to your father. I learned English listening to your father. His command of the language, his way of thinking and sharing his thought, his respectful way of presenting his arguments – everything was so different from anybody else on radio and TV.

    He was and still is my American hero. I even wrote a letter to him after 9/11 and get his reply.

    I remember how he told the story about his grandparents coming to America with “ground kissing attitude “. This is very rare, very rare these days. But if you have a chance to talk to your father, please tell him that there are still immigrants living in this country with the same attitude as his grandparents. I am one of them. And I am teaching my son the same.

    Barry Farber’s story lives on.


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