Serfs Of Globalism: In The Age Of Corona, What Dies First Is The Inalienable Right Not To Worry


One of the reasons my posts here are few and far between is that I have been writing for two professional outlets of late, and so my attention has been diverted.

I have a backlog of pieces. Because I get PTSD sub-symptoms when “too much is happening at once,” I invariably fail to publish those articles here. Now I will begin to do so, starting with the most recent, published today at

21 thoughts on “Serfs Of Globalism: In The Age Of Corona, What Dies First Is The Inalienable Right Not To Worry”

  1. Thank You for the Video. I don’t have the time to finish it right now I will get back to it very soon for it is very important. I don’t think I could find anything to criticize with your writing and drive to find the truth. Because of your devotion to truth, I have learned that my drive to use common sense is shared by others. I have learned so much from you and your strength. It is great seeing you image and your full of life’s energy
    Thank You again
    and God Bless

  2. China really f**ked up big time. I suspect most or all of their virologists were educated in the US and bought into the US’s virology bs. Like most Asians, they have an inferiority complex regarding the west and believe that westerners are more beautiful, smarter, and that western science has to be better than their own homegrown Traditional Chinese Medicine.

    They are wrong on all counts.

    As for Iran, it wouldn’t surprise me if there’s some kind of covert black op going on to sicken their leaders and blame it on the virus.

    This whole thing is a psyop to usher in the world government that the elite are so horny for.

  3. NO proof the virus exists. No purification with subsequent electronmicrographs.

    NO proof the tests detect the alleged virus. Yet they are used to “confirm” infections all over the world. Doubtless all of the detections are false positives because there’s no proven definition of a true positive.

    “Presumptive” diagnoses based on symptoms that are the same as the flu.

    No injection of the virus into monkeys to see if they get sick, one of the most fundamental of Koch’s Postulates.

    Administration of deadly pharmaceuticals to those who test positive. Then, when the patient dies, he becomes another death caused by the virus.

    Media (including the “alternative media”) run “photographs” of a monstrous looking virus and the sheeple don’t realize they are looking at artists’ conceptions.

    This all sounds so familiar. Didn’t the same thing happen a few decades ago?

    And you know where this is heading: mandatory testing, mandatory medication and mandatory vaccines, to protect the public health.

    I so admire you, Celia, for keeping up the good fight. I gave up years ago, after they killed Christine. I knew then it was over and our “movement” would never recover.

  4. “We respectfully ask the media…to not incite a panic.”

    President Trump, Feb 29, 2020, Press Conference|

    Well here’s the thing about that Mr. President, when you said that they were the enemy of the people….you weren’t exaggerating.
    Has anyone of this thread ever heard of a video game that you can download onto your phone, your black mirror phone, called “Plague Inc”? This is a game where the player gets to design a virus, or a fungus or a number of other types of pathogen, that they then set loose on the world with the goal of wiping out as many people as possible. It’s out there, it’s a thing and ….it’s popular. This is what quite a few people are out there doing as we speak; looking into their screens and willing more and more people to die…in a ‘game’.

    85 million phones have been infected with Plague inc. 85 million people are playing a game where wiping out the human race with a virus is how you ‘win’. We live in a culture that has to some degree or another generally accepted the idea of creative visualization: that that what you envision ends up becoming your reality, that you work toward that which you picture in your head. And 85 million people are envisioning ….a virus that wipes out the human race.

    “”A vast, dark, dank, spirit that wishes us ill, like Goethe’s Erlking.”

    You’re more correct than you even know.

    This is an excellent article Celia. Thanks for writing it.

  5. Wonderful article Celia. You have an incredible gift for putting into words things that are nearly indescribable – this is not and never has been about “the virus”, it’s about killing something more ephemeral and intrinsic to humanity. I am so grateful you are still writing and bravely saying things most people don’t even realize.

    1. Hi Rebecca, and thank you–YES, things are “nearly indescribable.” Maybe we are chosen to try anyway, right here. Often I read the comments and I learn what I was trying to say.

      I’m very nervous about the Corona Finale; They are up to something big. Something that may dwarf 9/11 in terms of trauma-based kind control. Let’s therefore be sure to keep our senses of humor.

      We need more Corona jokes…

  6. It’s noteworthy to observe the fact that during the past week, Donald Trump has proven he quite surely DOES have fear and panic toward this new coronavirus, WHENEVER and if ever HE HIMSELF may find himself in a circumstance where HE could be exposed to a person infected by the virus.

    He cancelled his scheduled speaking engagement at the CDC, because he was informed that someone at the CDC had tested positive with the virus, BUT, that was AFTER he had publicly, casually and quite machoesquely promoted the idea that it’s okay (and that it’s even heroic) for people who have the virus to go to their jobs as they normally do.

    Also, earlier in the week, he falsely boasted that he had “stopped” the virus from entering the U.S., and falsely boasted that the infection rate was lower in the U.S. than anywhere else. The truth is that the ONLY reason U.S. infection rates appear lower is because of the extremely deficient testing rates in the U.S.

    I am simply articulating noteworthy observations. I don’t have any interest in ANY of the political bickering which some people will be obsessively compelled to pursue as a result of these observations.

    I’m not a Democrat or a Republican. I didn’t vote for Hillary or Trump. I won’t vote for Biden, Bernie, or Trump, in the 2020 presidential election, because I don’t vote in presidential elections at all. It’s a matter of trust, to me. I don’t trust any federal politician, because they all consider themselves to be essentially unaccountable to anyone.

    In this comment, and in the context of a comment thread about an article which critiques the culture of fear and panic, I only intend to encourage mindfulness of the fact that NO federal politician’s motives are pure, and that it’s noteworthy to consider the hypocrisy of a politician who claims to be a champion of fearless and unpanicked behaviors, but who then abandons that fearlessness when he encounters a circumstance in which HIS OWN risk of being infected spooks him into responding with fear and panic/fright and flight.

    1. He canceled because the CDC didn’t want him there. He didn’t cancel any of his rallies that put him in direct contact with the great unwashed. So, like usual you’re wrong in the most basic sense. He’s fine, and discouraging panic is the right thing to do.

      1. Stephen, at the time I wrote that, all news sources were reporting what the White House had told the press corps, which was that Trump decided not to go to the CDC because a CDC employee had tested positive for Covid-19. So, I was NOT wrong, and, as usual, you’ve used a foolish falsehood to smear, rather than wisely considering the facts which render such a foolish falsehood illegitimate.

        Furthermore, during the days around the event in question, I never viewed or read any reporting which stated that Trump “cancelled because the CDC didn’t want him there.” Can you provide a link to such reporting, specifically from (or near) the date of the event in question?

        Also, your use of Trump’s attendance at rallies during that time period is a false evidence for his virus-defying heroism, because that attendance was not accompanied by the presence of an active and known Covid-19 case, as was the cancelled visit to the CDC.

        Lastly, yes, “discouraging panic is the right thing to do”, but, falsely insinuating that John Powell has encouraged panic is certainly not a right thing, and you, Stephen Ericson, know that.

        I wonder, Stephen, if you wonder, whether or not asserting that a developing pandemic is a “Democrat hoax”, and is nothing more than a momentary exaggeration by the “the enemy of the people” (an exaggeration soon to be made to vanish into “zero”-victim status, by a “miraculously” efficacious Presidential pronouncement of delusional ignorance), can qualify as perhaps one of the world’s most nearly-perfect ways to incite and encourage nearly-perfect panic.

        Hear no evil. See no evil. Speak no evil. Hail to The Great Leader, for whom the devoted children line-up to go blind.

      2. Stephen, within a few days after you wrote it, I did respond to your rather hostile, hateful and defamatory comment above. Although that response I wrote was not any more confrontational or uncivil than the comment which you directed at me, Ms. Farber opted to judge my response by a standard very different than the standard she applied to yours, and she therefore prohibited the posting of my response.

        Prejudice: such a supremely gratifying opportunity for bestowing quasi-godly omnipotence upon oneself.


  7. This was fantastic. Thank you for this. You pulled it all together. I don’t buy into HIV, vaccines, climate change, flu, any of it, but this SCARED ME. and really I’m not even scared for myself but for my mother, and I even went panic shopping too (although I have severe anxiety and stock up at the grocery store constantly anyway). At any rate, what really ties this together was when you said : “…feeling of a dying world. Everything is suddenly noticeably more joyless, loveless, mirthless. “. I have been feeling this way for a long time. It isn’t even so much that the world seems mirthless, but that it is like a tunnel that is just getting narrower and narrower and more and more suffocating with all the beauty and room to breathe disappearing through computer screens and this vicious globalization; everywhere will be the same and there will be nowhere to escape.

    1. Katarina,

      I want to go back and think why I used the word “mirthless,” it’s one of those words I over-use and don’t truly even know what it means, but I agree with and resonate with your description, this terrible slow suffocation. Never knowing why. Or who. Why must they take everything from us? I have the sensation of hovering in limbo, neither “here” nor “there.” One wonders at times: ” Uh oh, have I died?” It’s truly surreal, what we are living through. I appreciate EVERYBODY here.

  8. Bravo, Celia! You don’t have the luxury because of the nature of your work, but I pay no attention to any of the crap in the media. I sometimes read it, but it doesn’t activate more than one or two brain cells. And here in my mid-size city in California there doesn’t seem to be any panic. I find joy everywhere I look, joy at simply being alive.

  9. That is a quite-exquisitely conceived, considered, crafted and composed work of consciousness, observation, and analysis, Celia.


    Naturally, some of us will view a few of the observations and analyses which you expressed in that piece, with different interpretations and different understandings, but there’s only one such observation which, as I and the eyes of eternal verities see it, cries out the most for being excised by your mature honesty: Excised from that otherwise exquisite work of consciousness, in the interest of its (and your) moral integrity.

    The EASILY-OBTAINABLE facts will, with UTMOST unambiguous certitude, confirm for any maturely-honest woman or man, that the assertion that Bill Gates ever declared, suggested or implied the desirability of using vaccines as lethal instruments of depopulation, is a diabolically shameful, and shameless, assertion.

    Your moral integrity is very significantly diminished by the approving inclusion of that assertion within the otherwise exquisite composition which you’ve linked to above (a composition which I am otherwise very grateful to have been alive to experience).

    1. John Powell, forgive me, is this comment of yours regarding Bill Gates
      “tongue in cheek”? I am a long way away and my individual satire detector is dubious,
      in function..
      Please claify?

      1. Berenice,
        it is
        “tongue in
        deeply hearing the
        painstakingly listened-to
        facts of the matter

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