5 thoughts on “Tim Pool: Mass Exodus From Democratic Party, As Americans On The Left Choose Trump Over Radical Socialists, (Millionaires or Billionaires, All)”

  1. The people who are abandoning the Democratic Party are doing so because it’s not socialist enough, certainly not because it is too socialist. Aside from Sanders—who is a demonstrable fraud and seems to despise all of the world’s genuinely socialist leaders —the Democratic Party is an elitist, neoliberal, hyper-capitalist party by, of, and for, the ruling hyper-capitalist plutocracy.

    That anyone would mistake Biden, Booty Judge, Bloomberg or any of the other candidates for socialists is testament to America’s extreme ignorance of the meaning of the word “socialism” and the ideologies that can legitimately be regarded as being socialist.

    Sanders is more popular than Trump and has attracted a higher percentage of working class voters. They WANT HIS SOCIALIST policies. Hence, the Democratic Party is popular only as a function of the extent to which it embraces socialism. If the working class voters on the right actually understood socialism, most of them would abandon the Republic an Party.

    1. Then maybe it’s time, David, that you begin to ask yourself: “How good are my logical conclusions?” If a logical conclusion leads you to a preposterous statement, it’s an illogical conclusion. The Democrats are despised by the true working classes in this country, at this point. Very few exceptions. They re-branded themselves despite being the party of Slavery, the KKK, Eugenics, and today, infanticide, (literally) but their destructiveness has gone fully demonic. They should be free to continue to fail. A third party should grow in their wake. One that doesn’t attract completely insane people.

        1. What a disingenuous take, Celia. Political parties are not static and referencing the 19th-c D party to claim that the most truculent of racists do not occupy the R Party or some semblance thereof makes me question your integrity.

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