9 thoughts on “Jordan Peterson On The Risks Of Silence”

  1. Whoa, John Powell. Which of these do you mean?
    If the former, I don’t know why Celia posts such a hateful diatribe. If this were my blog, I’d block you from ever posting again. Reprehensible.

  2. Celia: Thanks you very much for this. One of my favorite truth-tellers. In my view, the moral compass trumps intellect every time. Sadly, those with true moral courage are few and far between.

  3. Well then, that means the people who despise, attack, desecrate and censor other people’s ability to speak their truth, are the bulwark FOR hell.

    You, Celia Farber, frequently despise, attack, and desecrate my ability to speak my truth, every time you prohibit/censor/exclude whatever I attempt to post here at your Truth Barrier.

    You, therefore, are thereby functioning as a bulwark FOR hell.

    Perhaps you ought to feature a video of Jordan’s orations regarding people who, like you, are functioning as a bulwark FOR hell.

    Ready, set, go. Silence me again, here, today. Right? Be the bulwark for your own version of hell, once more. It’s so much fun to be a Demon for the Devil of hypocrisy, isn’t it?

    …and you do it so sophisticatedly, with such slippery slithering between your Satanic and your Divine inner selves.

    I wish you all wellness. Truly.

    You really need to get well.

    Being a bulwark FOR hell won’t get you there, to wellness, ever.

    You’ll find that out, eventually…but not by cherry-picking Jordan’s insights according to which of them place you in his description of the heavenly, while evading those which place you in the ranks of the demonic.

    Cheerio. Toodles. Now grab that pitchfork, and start stabbing me. Make this speaker of his own truth bleed. Make him hurt. Punish him. Hate him. Kill him.

    You really are a killer.

    You enjoy killing people’s ability to speak their truth.

    You really are a bulwark FOR hell.

    But, you really can change that, someday, when and if you ever choose to discard the sense of power which you gain from being a bulwark for hell.

    Good luck, dear sister Celia. Truly, good luck.

    1. You did it, Celia! Congratulations! Against hell, you leaned toward Freedom. You did it!

      May you reap abundantly the Freedom you have sown, now, and always.

      Truly. Reverently. Congratulations!

      1. I don’t know what you are talking about, with due respect. I often publish critical, even cruel comments, from you and others. Just not every last one. I don’t need help leaning toward freedom. YOU need help leaning toward accepting that this blog is edited by somebody who leans away from your political and spiritual beliefs. I lean toward conservatism, populism, and lately, Christanity, and away from Marxism, globalism, identity politics, and atheism. Please try to keep your contempt for me under control. Objections expressed with decency will always be approved.

        1. Celia, in recent years you and I have had some difficulties communicating with clarity, inside these wretchedly-distorting “social media” chambers of compressed and hasty cries for being heard and comprehended.

          Nevertheless, the truth is that you and I lean in unison and camaraderie about MUCH more than we lean apart.

          I apologize for all the ways and all the times I have compounded the aforementioned difficulties, by letting loose compressed and hasty cries which, in retrospect, never should have been released into these wretchedly-distorting chambers.

          I do highly-esteem and respect you, and your journey, and your leanings.

          Somewhere inside you, you know that.

          I am sorry that that knowing has been so wretchedly distorted by my regretted participation in a so-called “social” apparatus which so-detestably invokes compressed and hasty cries that are so-commonly not heard or comprehended as they were intended.

          I do not blame you for mishearing and miscomprehending.

          I wish you all safety and good balance in your leanings.

          Long may you rise, and may you stay forever young.

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