Climate Dissident Tony Heller: “The Biggest Explosion Of Life In Earth’s History Occurred With CO2 Levels At Their Peak.'”


“The biggest explosion of life in earth’s history occurred with CO2 levels at their peak. Corals and shellfish evolved when CO2 live;s were more than 15 times higher than they are now.”

Tony Heller

3 thoughts on “Climate Dissident Tony Heller: “The Biggest Explosion Of Life In Earth’s History Occurred With CO2 Levels At Their Peak.'””

  1. In the video, this dude, Tony Heller, says that whenever we read or are told anything which comes from scientists, we must consider it to be “nonsense” (that’s his word, not mine).

    And yet, he fills his video with graphic after graphic which came from scientists, and which contain data he asserts as truth and fact.

    Hmmm. That hypocritical and self-contradicting twitch of methodological bullshit is HIGHLY problematic, and renders his integrity HIGHLY suspect.

    I’d start my assessment of Heller’s alleged findings right there, i.e., right at the observation of his very bold and blatant hypocrisy.

    I’ve never heard of him. I know nothing about him.

    But, I do know, and he acknowledges in the video, that (a.) CO² is a greenhouse gas, and that (b.) CO² is increasing exponentially.

    It would be a folly subscribed to by only fools, to believe that findings, conclusions and warnings provided by hundreds of thousands of scientists, regarding rising CO² dangers to HUMAN life, are nothing more than the conspiratorial machinations of a propaganda scheme designed to discredit and conceal the scientific expertise and genius of Tony Heller.

    There has GOT TO BE something less than credible in his arguments for alleging that rising CO² is not an existential hazard to human life, and to most other life on earth.

    He is leaving A LOT out of the picture he’s painting.

    I have no idea which of his arguments are legitimate, and which are equally as deceptive as he claims all scientists are. But, I do have an idea about what to do about my lack of information about Mr. Heller and his alleged “truth”: I intend to find out WHAT he’s leaving out of the picture he paints.

    Plants and shellfish do thrive in CO² levels which are relatively above the atmospheric norm that is safe for humans, and in his video Mr. Heller is ever-eager to remind us that the populations and diversities of such lower forms of life expanded during the high-CO² Cambrian period, BUT! WE ARE NOT PLANTS OR SHELLFISH.

    The hundreds of thousands of scientists who warn us about CO² dangers are NOT, as Mr. Heller is, concerning themselves primarily with the effects of CO² on the existential ecology of plants and shellfish.

    My hypothesis is that THAT is why the conclusions of those scientists, about the dangers of rising CO² levels, conflict with Mr. Heller’s plant-centric and shellfish-centric cheerleading for CO² and fossil fuels.

    1. Obviously Mr. Heller doesn’t think all science is junk as you clearly state he uses the work of past scientists to make his argument. What you don’t seem to get is how politicized science has become and the media does nothing to help the lay person filter out the BS from science fact. What I would say is that all of those “hundreds of thousands” of ‘scientists’ that claim CO2 is bad for humans, haven’t been right about anything. Their computer models are consistently wrong and found to have input too many politically correct data points that are constantly being called out by the other climate scientists who don’t buy into the CO2 sky is falling narrative. I think if you dig deep enough, you can find that CO2 has been much higher than it is now and life thrived. When those scientists you are intellectually drawn to start making predictions that actually come to pass and coastal real estate prices start falling I will start listening to their doom and gloom but I think that is highly unlikely. As for your hypothesis about the health of plants and shellfish somehow being different from the life of the rest of life on the planet, it is just plain wrong and announces that your grasp on the history of life on this planet is inadequate to understand a thing Mr. Heller was saying. If you are concerned that CO2 is a killer, plant a tree and they will happily suck up tons of the stuff and provide an ecosystem for a whole host of non-shellfish life forms.

    2. Co2 is the most essential substance in existence for all life. Without it, plants cant produce oxygen. No oxygen animals. No animals. No co2. No co2 no plants. Its a DeathKult, nothing more, nothing less

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