My Article From 30 Years Ago in SPIN: Berlin-Prague, 1989


It was evening by the time I realized it was the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. My heart began to ache as though recalling a great and lost love–a depth of happiness that comes once in a lifetimes. I looked it up online and found the article I wrote thirty years ago. Thirty years ago? How can that be? I haven’t read it and I wrote it under great pressure–I’m sure it’s juvenile but…I was there, and this was what I wrote, so I’m sharing it.

It was so amazing.

2 thoughts on “My Article From 30 Years Ago in SPIN: Berlin-Prague, 1989”

  1. Poignant and stunning reportage. You bring us there, to the edge of the revolution – and with such insights, humor and joy! I feel like I just met all these wonderful people. I feel what it was like to be right at that tear in the communist fabric, at that magical juncture when everything was being turned upside down. Brilliant writing, so observant, tender and funny. Thank you for this Celia!

  2. Wonderful of you to share this with us, Celia! I read it all; very fine piece! Thank you – and those who tore down the Berlin Wall and were part of the Velvet Revolution – for making the story happen.

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