Schubert’s Fantasy In F minor


“Listen at midnight, close your eyes and feel the despair mysteriously turn to love in your heart. The beauty this man possessed deep inside his soul will never cease to amaze me. Four hands sing together in perfect harmony. Astonishing.”

“I am an insomniac, so I often woke up in unholy morning time and simply can’t find my rest. In those time I like to listen music. When I first heard this beautiful piece, it was around four a.m. and I had headphones, because I didn’t wanted to woke up my beloved. Whole time I listened to each note, I was looking at her beautiful sleeping face and feeling how I am falling in love with her again. It was the most beautiful morning in my life.”

” 14:40 breaks my heart every time. This strong motif, repeated throughout the piece, doesn’t continue strongly, as it always has. It just says “never mind” and moves on. Like a person.”

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