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  1. Everyone is free to not revere God and I have no sympathies for those who prefer a life of rebellion and will most certainly accept and learn to live with the logical consequences of their free choice.

    1. How Christ like of you to “have no sympathies” for those you wish eternal torment. May you rot in the hell you wishfully create for others.

  2. …but, as Thomas Paine and the majority of America’s founders warned, the one thing that makes EVERY king a king is EVERY monarchical institution’s tyrannical inclination to impose the harshest possible punishments on dissidents, for the purpose of deterring the necessary disobedience which constututes the most natural, most healthy and most enriching component of all human yearning for liberty, justice, freedom of thought, freedom of conscience, and the rights of the pursuit of happiness and life itself.

    “Bring to me all of my opponents who do not want me to rule over them, and slaughter them in front of me.” – King Jesus, in Luke 19:27 of the monarchical “gospel” fable.

    It is noteworthy to mention here that in the mind’s of the majority of people who consider themselves to be obedient residents of King Jesus’s kingdom, the psychological appeal of the monarchical “gospel” fable includes the opportunity it provides to believers for anticipating a celebratory future circumstance in which the disobedient dissidents who, with well-reasoned independence of thought, knowledge and conscience, opted not to bend the knee to the fable’s monarch, will be slaughtered and/or sent into eternal torture where the flames never cease to burn their bodies, and where the worms never cease to eat their internal organs.

    The psychological appeal of the monarchical “gospel” fable, therefore, is in large part the result of the opportunity the fable provides to believers for satiating a rather dark human desire, an inherent human desire, a sadistic and macabre desire which, as psychologists have discovered, studied and documented, manifests deep in the subconscious, so deep that the average religious practitioner of that desire isn’t aware that IT IS WHAT IS COMPELLING him or her to view favorably the “gospel” fable’s promise to slaughter and/or eternally torture his or her fellow members of the human family.

    Jesus is king? Well then, okay, so, slaughtered and/or eternally tortured I shall eventually be.

    …but, I shall be in good company, with Thomas Paine and all the others who refused to bend the knee to any of man’s real or fabled monarchical tyrannies.

    1. TMHCC: “John Powell, ye accursed infidel, ye art hereby charged with the disobedience and impiety of misspelling the word constitutes (which you rendered as constututes), and misspelling the word minds (which you rendered as mind’s). How do you plead, thou wretched, lawless, rebellious, licentious, non-conforming poisoner of the holy congregation’s chaste and pure virginal virtues?”

      JP: “Guilty, and quite gladly so, as it is better to be a merely mortal, imperfect and libertine human, than to be an angelic immortal enslaved to the cloned strictures of scripted performance in a heavenly daycare mansion of iron-fisted regimentality. Amen.”

  3. Wonder how many starving children could have been fed with the money it cost to produce this praise video?
    What would Jesus say?

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