Vladimir Bukovsky 1942-2019


Legendary Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky died today at a hospital in London, as the age of 76.

It was one of the great honors of my life that I got to interview Mr. Bukovsky, on the occasion of the re-release in English of “Judgement in Moscow: Soviet Crimes and Western Complicity,” and wrote one article and one Q&A for The Epoch Times. [Linked]

“It was de rigueur in those times to write only enthusiastic babble about the USSR, to the extent that it was surprising that the paper on which it was written did not go up in smoke from shame.”

–Vladimir Bukovsky

My old friend Peter Chowka wrote this short but moving tribute to Mr. Bukovsky today.

May God rest his great soul. And may the West, now being engulfed by the very parasite he gave his life to defeat, read all his great works, and heed his warnings.

Including this one, about the totalitarian nature of the European Union:


2 thoughts on “Vladimir Bukovsky 1942-2019”

  1. What he struggled against was much bigger than he knew:

    Much bigger than the disposable minor swamp creature calling itself the Soviet Union. Much bigger than the disposable minor swamp creature calling itself the European Union. Much bigger than the disposable minor swamp creature called Washington DC and its Zionist Neocon Military Industrial Complex, with its bipartisan wet-dream nigntmare of re-making the Middle East and achieving exclusive, total domination over every global region possessing the riches of resources which it believes will ensure the fruition of Washington’s ever-proceeding, apocalyptic imperialist strategy.

    All of those seemingly separate swamp creatures are merely pawns in an international plan being directed by a diabolical, relatively ancient, perfectly-concealed conglomerate of corporate megalomaniacs who have virtually-unlimited financial resources and unlimited deep-cover control over EVERYTHING and EVERYONE necessary to bring a beastly, barbarically-brutal, megalomanical global empire to its fail-safe fruition.

    “We know where you’re from
    and where you’re going.
    666 is your name.”
    – John Lennon, Bring On The Lucie (Freda Peeple), 1973

    Thanks for trying, Mr. Bukovsky, and Mr. Lennon.

    Neither of you could have ever stopped or even put a dent in the irrepressible nightmare machine which, during not only recent decades, during not only recent centuries, but during millenia has been constructed to create the 666 beast, and to secure its objectives within the policies of EVERY administration of EVERY creature in the swamp of nations.

    Hope is dead. It is a mirage. All dreams of benevolent transformation of the 666 machine are gone, permanently. Permanently!

    Sad, but true.

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