Something A Friend Said


My old friend Rob shakes salt on my head to help me understand Judaism, which I was severed from as a child. His aunt is dying.
Today on the phone he said this:
“The best of the Jewish idea is a little like the elephants. We really understand tribe and we really understand love.”

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  1. i think tribe, the richest deepest form of it, is where the territory shared is ontological. this takes “no space” – being wrought of Being. Being that knows itself, and gives of itself. Well, maybe a cushion, [with tassels! šŸ™‚ i like tassels ] to squish, to pillow upon, and a few amenities, for the privacy of the body, our outermost sheathe, which, yes, exists, lives and emanates, in physical space. Elephants roam, having no belief in “real estate”. Dolphins, too, whales, and other saintly creatures. I work with a wonderful woman who had no speech. I began to understand that her primary struggle was for ontological territory, and the interweaving, sharing of it with other souls. It was a phrase i came across in my studies. of course one could call it “loneliness”. miraculously, she and i were able to discover a tribal overlap, ontologically. I had to liken this to Helen Keller and Annie Sutherland’s “miraculous” relationship, though in many ways it was completely different. “Territory” is a total illusion anyway. No-one owns Earth, rather we are succoured by Her. This is a primary part of our great, pre-existing communion [to which we sleep, and about which we lie]. Little children know it, what could be more obvious, on arrival. It is all..Given.
    We can work so subtly, so kindly, with what is, after all, reality, if we decide. We can build structures out of It’s quality. Such arises from the deepest level of who we are. It arises, as from a spring, in solitude, and communally, when the conditions support it. What we currently call “religions”, and even tribes, are after It.

  2. Certainly, the best of ALL tribal ideas is a little like the elephants.

    The tragedy is that throughout all of human history all tribes have coveted territory, and all have then fabricated mythologies which demonize, dehumanize and sanctify the genocidal conquest of the other tribes which covet that same territory.

    I send my sympathies to Rob. As his aunt passes, I wish for her to know she is being softly held in the love of her grieving dear ones, and I wish for her to have a peaceful and comfortable final approach to the closing of her journey.

    Thank you for sharing something a friend said, Celia. It was a beautiful pause in the oppressions of the eternal whirlwind.

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