Social Engineering On Steroids: A Commercial That Demands You Believe A) Men Menstruate, And B) It Makes Women Happy


I found this more disturbing than I am able to put into words. Is this a real company, and a real product, and a real commercial. Or…is it next level social satire?

No, it’s corporate social engineering. For sure. The way you know is that you get that dark, metallic feeling in your gut. You’ve been struck by a large, evil object. A wrecking ball. Something is trying to do away with everything you ever thought was a solid fact. Such as: Men don’t menstruate.

Now, let’s unpack the Guilt Trip: Are we supposed to feel proud these woke men for imagining they are menstruating for the sake of feeling solidarity with women for the small hassle of keeping menstrual products from…falling out of their bags? Excited about the prospect of men dealing with blood spots on sheets? I’ve been a woman my whole life and it never occurred to me to resent men for not having to deal with menstrual products. They have to go fight wars. Get blown up. Fall off scaffolding and die building buildings and bridges. That kind of thing. We have a way way cushier deal in life than they do! No comparison.

Is this karmic punishment because I never thanked men enough for all the things they deal with that I don’t have to deal with?

I literally feel nauseous and cold. I’m sorry to publish this but…do you believe me now that “identity politics” has nothing to do with improving the human condition and everything to do with driving us out of our minds and destroying life on earth?

Count me as not at all woke, never to be woke, fast asleep, and more conservative by the day. This is truly dreadful. But many thing are dreadful. This is in addition, impossible to fathom. People got paid to write, shoot, edit, and promote this commercial?

I don’t know what to do.

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  1. Nobody was uncomfortable with the idea of the period in the first place, save for the anxiety and fear men get after being told that the woman they’re involved with is either a) in the middle of one or b) isn’t.

    I’m not sure if I’m the only one who feels this way, it could be that I’m just old, or it could be the sickening state of society that we live in now…but sex makes me sick. It used to be nice, but now it makes me want to puke.

    Perhaps I’ve been over exposed to it for too long. Regardless, lest we forget…ads want nothing more than to be remembered. They’ll show you whatever they can get passed the censors in order to lodge themselves into your subconscious.
    And of course there’s this never ending blitzkrieg of social engineering. It makes me sad that I’ve dragged people into this world.

    1. Mr. Gordon, who are the “we” in your exclamation “outraged as we are”?

      I find the ad to be simply a lamely super hyper-exaggeration of biological differences, for the sole purpose of creating in the viewer a sensation of imagined thoughtfulness, which is intended to evoke and reinforce a positive recollection of the product’s brand name: “Thinx”.

      That’s the ONLY reason for the content which the ad’s creators settled on.

      Yeah, the ad was definitely WAY overthought. It’s an E-X-T-R-E-M-E-L-Y intense and overblown effort to impose post-viewing recall of the product’s brand name (“Thinx”), and that’s all it is.

      It didn’t cause me to feel disturbed, or socially engineered, or nauseous, or cold, or metallic in my gut, or struck in the butt by a large evil wrecking ball-wielding King Tut, who wants to crush the fact that I wasn’t born with ovaries instead of nuts. 🙂

      It didn’t go “beyond ridiculous, and painfully so”, in my networks of neurophysiological perceptivity. In fact, it didn’t even reach the ridiculousness bar.

      It was just plain lame. Plain lame-brained over-playing of pseudo-sophistication.

      It doesn’t even get anywhere close to flipping my outrage switch, but, I DO know what to do.

      Celia, they weren’t trying to get you to resent men, or to feel guilt for anything. They were only trying to sensationalize a brand name.

      They only thought that by making the viewer THINK something very absurd, something yet still somewhat psychologically provocative, they could thereby successfully insert and attach within the viewer’s logic the meme that TO THINK about menstruation is to think about “Thinx”.

      I was a writer of ad copy, during a long ago career direction. I’ve got a better-than-average level of insight into how ad writers think, and why they think the way they do. That’s not a boast. It’s only a telling of a quite regrettable truth about a period of my life when I too pursued the craft of capturing the consumer’s mind by stealthy psychological trickery.

      That ad wasn’t SOBERLY about identity politics. It wasn’t SOBERLY about being woke, or being liberal. To assume it was those things is giving FAR TOO MUCH credit to the intelligence and the sobriety of that ad’s creators.

      That ad was just plain old CRUDE product promotion by crude appeal to the human mental phenomenon in which an absurd story line forms and reinforces an association with a brand name.

      You see that crude approach in TV ads by Geico, Allstate Insurance, National Car Rentals, and many many others.

      The creators of that ad aren’t trying to drive us out of our minds and destroy life on earth. They’re just tryin’ to make a sale, make a buck, bring home the bacon, and keep the lights on.

      Their thinking processes are much more elementary, juvenile, shallow, vacant, emptily-audacious and crudely-opportunistic than you could imagine; and there’s ALWAYS lots and lots of alcohol dribbling on every ad team table, and on every draft of every ad script.

      No, Celia, you don’t owe men any apologies for not thanking them enough, and the brains behind that ad were NOT trying to make you feel proud of those woke men.

      The lame-brains behind that ad were only trying to hustle a dollar, by exploiting what their alcohol-soaked, pathologically-competitive, pseudo-sophisticated creativities FALSELY presumed to be the mindset of the common Jane and Joe Blow.

      Clearly, obviously, their presumptions are wrong.

      The ad WILL fail, because, contrary to the worst imaginings of whomever was most disturbed by it, its creators ARE NOT masters of social engineering. They aren’t even competent enough to know that the common Jane and Joe Blow are NOT on board with getting comfortable with menstruating penises and testicles.

      Simple as that.

      Enough said.

      What to do? Lighten up and laugh at the lame-brained drunken slobs who botched the job.

      Simple as that.

    2. Who is this “we” you refer to?
      Please see my comment posted roughly thirty minutes before yours.
      Makes sense to me.

  2. Maybe it is just me but…
    Not that Celia will allow what I write to post on her barrier to truth…maybe it’s just me but…watching this video, I didn’t get the feeling they were trying to suggest men menstruate or need menstrual products but that perhaps they should try to imagine what life and interaction with friends and others in the situation would feel like if they did. How would society be different if young boys woke with blood stained sheets and had to learn how to use menstrual products.
    Maybe it’s just me but…
    I don’t know, call me empathetic.

    It is a shame Celia censors the writing I offer to her site. She inspires some of my most heartfelt work. .

    1. Brother Strawberry, you and I both have no doubt about the fact that YOU CAN see and know why insulting the lady, by characterizing her site as a “barrier to truth”, will not result in her decision to consider that the censoring of your “offer[s]” to her site is a shame.

      You and I both have NO DOUBT about the fact that you can be mature enough to comment without temperament and language which kills all empathy for your professed grief.

      “…heartfelt work”? Insults? Unrestrained insults? Really?

      No, you DON’T REALLY think there’s anything “heartfelt” about blatantly and brazenly heartless character assassinations.

      No, you don’t really think that.

      I KNOW you don’t. You know you don’t.

      You and I both know you’re capable of being MUCH smarter and wiser than that.

      Please, put your least-best self in your brain’s locked vault. Please, set your best self free.

      Please, please, please, BE the best you can be!

      THAT’S the Brother Strawberry you and all of we need you to be!

      1. ” I didn’t get the feeling they were trying to suggest men menstruate or need menstrual products but that perhaps they should try to imagine what life and interaction with friends and others in the situation would feel like if they did”

        Answer: uncomfortably weird and oddly in lock step with the times we live in. AKA, social engineering.

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