The Gay Pushback Against LGBT’s Encouragement Of Transsexuality in Young Children: Mike Harlow “They Fetishize Dysfunction”


John Powell, I pulled the video and made a post out of it. Here it is. I guess it’s Mike Harlow week at The Truth Barrier. But it’s about to turn into VAXXED ll week. Stay tuned.

6 thoughts on “The Gay Pushback Against LGBT’s Encouragement Of Transsexuality in Young Children: Mike Harlow “They Fetishize Dysfunction””

  1. This was a very well planned agenda . FACT. Related to the transgender push. If you do research you will find that certain groups of people believe that to have both sexes is “god-like”. Very evident in the Hollywood you see this with celebrities . You will be surprised how many of them are not what you think they are. The “she’s” are really “he’s” and vice versa. Who controls the narrative?
    A push to get society to accept this . To “normalize” something that is not natural.

    I don’t want cross dressers reading books to the children in the library rolling around on the floor with them. Why is this allowed? Because you will be damned if you dare speak out about this.

  2. The gay push back?

    This video has been up for 11 months and has 700 some odd likes.

    What push back? If their silence is meaningful, it’s to be taken as tacit approval. At this point it’s obvious that most gays are perfectly ok with lil Desmond. Unless everyone is just that afraid of being called a Nazi by buzzfeed? You’ll live the Nazi accusation, trust me, you’ll live.

    So come on gays, let’s hear it. Say it with me…CHILDREN AREN’T SEXUAL. At all. Ever.

  3. Here’s the thing….the stereotype about the gay guys wanting to be with children…it was true, real, whatever you’d like to call it.
    It was always there. It may not have been all gay men…and women…but it was enough of them that it was a thing. And that toothpaste isn’t going back in the tube. It’s out. Sorry, we’ve all seen it. We knew it was there back then because lowering the age of consent was ALWAYS part of the agenda, and we know it’s there now because we’ve seen it on TV.

    Here’s the thing; these people want to call everyone who can see what they’re up to ‘Hitler’ but…they’re normalizing self destruction which normalizes the backlash to the normalization that they’re pushing. They’re begging for the next ‘Hitler’ and they know it.

  4. Anti-trust Law is Constitutional, so let’s apply it to create a democracy. Let’s start here:

    Monopolies are illegal for a reason. They are inherently unjust. Section 2 of the Sherman Act prohibits the abuse of monopoly power. So what would be the most just consequence for the abusive control of freedom-loving populations and indisputable undemocratic censorship from Google, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook? I propose that the government announce that it will buy these companies at 80 cents on the dollar and when their stock values plummet to incredible lows, to then buy them out and turn them into highly regulated public utility companies that will protect everyone’s right to free speech.

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