Why Was Mike Harlow Banned For LIFE From Twitter?


I wrote about Brandon Straka’s now massive #WalkAway movement for The Epoch Times (article linked) just as it was in its inception, and remain fascinated by it. The article went viral, and in the years since, #WalkAway has gone wildfire. There’s MAGA, Blexit, Hotep, and many other freedom movements in this time of horse-choking fascism, but this one is my favorite. I strongly recommend people seek out the #WalkAway Facebook page and listen to and read the hundreds of moving testimonies. Their YouTube page is here, in case you don’t have access to FB. Each person is so unique, (as humans, by design, are) and describing that inner breaking point when the abuse, lies, ugliness, and destructions of the rabidly PC Democratic Party became too much to bear tells a very important story. It’s not a political story, it’s story of birds. Finding ways to get the oil out of their feathers and fly again.

Back when #WalkAway got banned from two venues during Pride Month, I wrote this. And around that time I discovered this character who I grew so fond of, due to his fierce intelligence, humor, and in some sense, vulnerability. I say “in some sense” because Mike Harlow, the way I see him, and as he himself describes, only grows stronger though his “owning” of his vulnerability. He stands up to PC tyranny using only his voice and his wits; He has no “weapons,” no massive following (though he will, no doubt.)
A Russian artist I wrote about perhaps 15 years ago, Lucien Dulfan, I remember he spoke about wanting to capture a “human cry,” in his paintings.
This came to mind when I watched this testimony last night. My last thought before sleeping was: “We have to help Mike.”

Two of his videos exposing the child abuse in Big Trans are linked at the end of the article linked above. I urge you to take a moment to watch them. Gay men are not, historically, conformist. To have one this free, his voice so clear, using it to reform a tyranny imposed by his own “community,” is a rare gift. I understand exactly why Twitter shot this young star to be out of the sky.

If you feel as I do, I hope you will use your social media accounts to spread this video, and see if we can get Mike out of the Twitter Gulag. It’s hard to react when shocks abound like they do these days; When everything is a horror, we become demoralized and paralyzed. But let’s not forget: The paradox of censorship, its link to rumination; It gets more light when they try to darken it.

Celia Farber

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8 thoughts on “Why Was Mike Harlow Banned For LIFE From Twitter?”

  1. My great niece (the daughter of one of my nephews) is “gender-non-binary”/”gender-fluid”/”gender-non-conforming”.

    As is the case with all such individuals (i.e., individuals who are NOT, and will not ever be, proactively pursuing transgender identity, but ARE very different from the identity assigned by the historically-standard two-gendered classification system), my great niece prefers to be referred to as “they” and “them”, rather than as “he” or “she”, and “her” or “him”.

    My great niece changed their name from Ramona to Ray, but doesn’t make a big deal out of being called either Ramona or Ray by those who are not in their close circle of family and friends.

    Soon after Ray “came out” to their father and mother (my nephew and his wife), my nephew and I had many long conversations about how we are going to adapt to Ray’s new personhood. During those first few weeks of Ray’s “outness”, I called numerous transgender crisis hotlines, and transgender rights organizations, asking for guidance on how I and my nephew should conduct ourselves in order to advance and sustain a 100% acceptance and love of Ray in their (Ray’s) new direction/new reality/new world/new life/new future.

    ALL of the crisis counsellors and organizations I spoke with emphasized the same thing about what makes gender-non-binary/gender-fluid individuals different from transgender individuals, and emphasized the same thing about the vocabulary disciplines which GNB/GF individuals want and NEED from friends, family, and society.

    Vocabulary does matter, for the well being of the GNB/GF individual, and for the preservation of loving relationships between that individual and their loved ones.

    Fortunately for Ray, and for myself, and for my nephew and his wife, we all have a uniquely and perfectly compassionate outlook on this matter, and so does the very progressive rural community in which Ray and my nephew live, at 8,000 feet high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, with it’s majority of like-minded residents, in a famously-successful and famously-highly-intelligent college town.

    Mr. Harlow’s plight is bizarre, and clearly unjust. I wish him victory in his struggle to be free to speak, and to be safe from arbitrary malfeasance.

    I disagree with him when he says that there are no individuals in the gender-identity community who desire to be acknowledged as DIFFERENT FROM the male and female gender identities which are standard in both the non-transgender and transgender systems of classification. He clearly has a blind spot in his views on that issue, and he SEEMS to be insensitive both to the very real needs of transgender individuals regarding language, and to the science of the full spectrum of gender fluidity.

    Of course, I don’t know him, haven’t spent any quality time with him, and have only become aware of him just today. So, I don’t really know all that I would need to know about his views in order to make an accurate assessment of his positions regarding all the various aspects of the matters on the table here.

    The “#WalkAway” phenomenon is exhilarating, fascinating, and inspirational. Yes indeed, anything that intelligently counters stagnation is good.

    One request, Celia: When I tried to go to the link in which you said there are videos “exposing the child abuse in Big Trans”, I was taken to a Word Press page saying that I have been blocked from viewing whatever it was your link is directing us to. Please tell me if you can get me unblocked, so that I can view those videos which you directed us to. Thank you!

      1. Celia, I was referring to only the second link you included in your original post above (the link which you inserted into the word “this”). That appears to be the link you meant when you directed us to a link containing videos “exposing child abuse in Big Trans”.

        The other link in your post (the link to the piece you wrote in Epoch Times) presented no problems. I was able to read that piece without any difficulty. Only the second link presented the message about being blocked.

        Thanl you for responding!

        1. John, if you go to the bottom of the TTB post linked on Pride/LGBT, on my end, the Harlow video about Big Trans was embedded. I pulled the other one and made a new post of it. Can you try again? I am unable to comprehend the rebellion of controversial links, like trying to catch snakes.

        1. John,

          I can’t discern anything from these links. Can you view the video I posted called “The Gay Pushback Against LGBT….?” That’s the one.

  2. I wrote “Pride week.” I date myself. It used to be a mete week. Now it is of course Pride Month. I will correct when back at laptop.

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