New Low: Joe Biden Has Lied About Crash That Killed Former Wife and Daughter; Truck Driver Was Neither Drunk Nor At Fault


2008 article from Newark Post Online has resurfaced that reveals the true story the media has helped cover up throughout Biden’s career.

“Biden told the crowd, “A tractor-trailer, a guy who allegedly — and I never pursued it — drank his lunch instead of eating his lunch, broadsided my family and killed my wife instantly and killed my daughter instantly and hospitalized my two sons …”

“I just burst into tears,” Hamill said. “The story already is tragic enough, why did he have to sensationalize it by saying my father was drunk? My family is outraged.”

Hamill appeared on “Inside Edition” on Sept. 18 to set the record straight and now, acting as family spokesperson, she is campaigning for Biden to recant his story and restore her father’s honor.

On Oct. 1, after several attempts to make contact, Hamill sent a registered letter to Biden’s camp, asking him to tell the truth.

She also asked CBS officials to instruct Katie Couric to broadcast the real circumstances surrounding the fatal accident.

As of Sunday, Hamill hadn’t heard from Biden’s camp.

In an Oct. 21 e-mail, a CBS spokesman acknowledged discrepancies in Biden’s story and explained that he’s awaiting word from the “news people.”

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4 thoughts on “New Low: Joe Biden Has Lied About Crash That Killed Former Wife and Daughter; Truck Driver Was Neither Drunk Nor At Fault”

  1. Biden gets away with this misrepresentation of the facts because we have a phony, lying, democrat protecting fake news media. Biden and the democrats will spin every story their way knowing they’re protected. Disgusting.

  2. The former and deceased Mrs. Biden drove into the lane of the oncoming vehicle, while her head was turned toward something which she got distracted by. The investigation determined without a doubt that no alcohol had been consumed by either driver.

    No charges were brought against the truck driver, who not only tipped over his rig trying to avoid Mrs. Biden’s head-on trajectory, but also was the first to attempt rescue of Mrs. Biden and her children.

    So, how could Joe think he’d get away with spinning those facts?

    Answer: The combination of the all-too-human compulsion to defend a shameful and indefensible loved one, and indifferent malice toward the man he falsely accused (and toward that man’s future reputation).

    Yes, certainly, those realities DO reveal a LOT about Joe’s ethics, and his deep sense of being unaccountable.

    Disqualifying? Affirmative!

    Did he ever respond to the requests of the truck driver’s daughter, to apologize for falsely accusing her dad, and to publicly retract his false accusations? I would guess not, and if not, that’s all the more reason to consider him disqualified for a position of public trust.

    His behaviors in that matter were FAR more consequential, and FAR more relevant to his present electoral status than anyone in the electoral machine has yet admitted.

    Privilege: It can be such a noxiously gangrenous halo.

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