Why Do Birds Fall Down From The Sky? Greta Thunberg, Please Watch This


“They’re literally falling out the tree, as I’m speaking. Literally falling out the tree as I’m speaking. Literally falling out the tree…They’re everywhere, falling out the tree dead, one after the other….
…Look! That one’s still alive. Still trying. It’s really strange.”

6 thoughts on “Why Do Birds Fall Down From The Sky? Greta Thunberg, Please Watch This”

  1. I don’t have 5G yet in my neighborhood but two bees got in to my house and were in my window. I went to try to get them out but both large healthy looking bees were dead. This happened to be a window directly behind my modem and the smart meters on the outside wall. Very strange indeed.

  2. Yeah, months before the 5G rollout began, I read a few articles (in quite reputable publications) which described what seemed like 5G dangers too horrific to be real.

    After and since that reading, I’ve been wondering if 5G could and would be as much of a catastrophe as those articles, with unrestrained certainty and with credible data citations, asserted it will be.

    At the time of that reading, I could not convince myself that any industry would really be releasing for public consumption a technology as horrifically hazardous as those articles warned it would be.

    That video of birds dropoing dead is indeed horrifying. If that phenomenon is truly the result of 5G, how the hell can public acceptance of the 5G technology ever be accomplished?

    I don’t know what’s true or false, regarding the 5G dangers. Do you, Celia?

    1. John, I agree, utterly. This is a very hard thing to fathom. I just had a discussion with a Con Ed employee installing smart meters in my building’s basement. I had opted out, Con Ed had said, “ok.” But I went down to check. How did I know they were here? The electricity went out briefly. I said who I was, which apartment, and that I had opted out. He told me my smart meter was already installed, had had no info of any opt out. He then told me that Cod Ed charges (wait for it) $100 per month to anybody who refuses a smart meter. The man told me the meter are strictly for the purpose of meters being read from headquarters without the need for men to go out and read them. Let’s start there. An assertion. My super said the same thing. How can we find out?

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